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For Musicians and Producers Who Want to Finish Their Song in the Next 30 Days...

How To Confidently Transform Your Unfinished Mixes Into Radio-Ready Records You Can Be Proud to Release


What if you could stop worrying about whether your music was any good...and start proudly releasing professional records...every time you produced a song?

Hi, I'm Björgvin Benediktsson - Founder of Audio Issues Insiders

I'm the musician, mixing engineer, and audio educator behind Audio Issues.

If you're:

  • A songwriter recording songs in your home studio wishing they sounded more professional...
  • A bedroom producer making beats to collaborate with other artists and topliners but can't get to sound as powerful as what you hear on Spotify or Soundcloud...
  • The "audio person" in your band who wants to "do it all yourself" but wishes you had somebody to fall back on to make sure you're on the right track...

Then look no further...I'm here to share 15 years of music industry expertise to help you level up with your skills so you can make an impact with your music.

I'm the best-selling author of Step By Step Mixing: How to Create Great Mixes Using Only 5 Plug-ins and since 2009 I've helped thousands of musicians, engineers, and producers like yourself make a bigger impact with their music by teaching them the skills they need to succeed with their music.

Audio Issues Has Been Featured On:

If you’re anything like my students when they first started out, you’ve got some half-finished songs sitting on your hard drive.

You know how to get started and the thrill of recording a new song idea excited you.

You can find your way around your DAW and you know the basics of putting down your tracks together.

But you don’t know whether your mixes are good enough. 

You think they sound fine, but when you play them side by side to your favorite records, your mixes don’t stand a chance. 

  • Your mixes are quieter.
  • The low-mids feel muddy.
  • The vocals sound harsh.

And you just KNOW that your tracks can sound better.

You know you’ve recorded your tracks well. Sometimes you’re even using the same samples as the songs you hear on Spotify or Soundcloud! But for some reason, your songs just don’t sound professional enough.

So you don't finish anything.

That's the sad part.

Some people stop short of releasing their music because they get crushed by self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

I don’t know how often I’ve heard my subscribers freeze up because they’re too frustrated with their skills to finally finish and release their records. 

Maybe you’re the same way?

One of my subscribers is a producer who’s been making beats and producing for other artists for 14 years. But he's never put out a record of his own because of crippling self-doubt. 

He told me that the more he listened to his mix, the more he wanted to put it back in the “Hard Drive Graveyard” with all the others.



He finally realized that the only way to grow and develop as a musician was to step out of his comfort zone and let the song into the world.

He shared with me,  

Honestly when I saw my song on Spotify it was a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders, it’s like I let the song go and now I really don’t have all those worries that I had before. I love the song and when I put it out I got some great feedback on it. I can now check that one off the list and move on to my next project. “

The key to growing as a home studio musician and bedroom producer is to actually release your songs! 

So many of my students have achieved this that I created a Spotify playlist of all the people who said my tips had helped them release their music. It makes for quite the eclectic playlist, and that’s something that makes me even happier.

Here's are Some of My Favorite Tracks


Creating music but not releasing it is like running a marathon and then walking off the track right before the finish line. 

You know that when you’ve finished your songs you should release them. 

Releasing your music should be motivating and exciting. Seeing your songs come out on streaming platforms should make you feel elated.

You know this to be true, but still, your song sits there unfinished.

It breaks my heart to know how some people stop short of releasing their music just because they get crushed by imposter syndrome.

I have a student who struggles with this so much it's stalled his career. He has songs in the final stages of being ready. They’re mixed, but he thinks there is more that can be done. 

He’s even had legit producers check out his productions. The producer told him to release it because the mix sounded great but he still felt like there is more he could do.

He’s trapped in a downward spiral of self-criticism because he can’t call them finished, even though he’s noticed significant improvement from when he started! 

I don’t know how often I’ve heard the same frustrations from my subscribers.

Whenever they pull up a new song to finish, they struggle to get a good balance between the instruments. They try to make everything fit together in the frequency spectrum but making everything cut through is like juggling eighteen bowling balls, five knives, and your Grandma’s antique porcelain plates.

But what if you don't need to figure all this stuff out on your own?

You don't have to miss out on the feeling of achievement from seeing your song everywhere.

You deserve that surge of excitement when someone tells you that your music reminds them of a famous hit song.

It’s a thrill to see your songs, album art, and credits online after all the work you’ve put into the production process.

Best of all, everybody can hear it, wherever they are in the world. Having your music on an international music app for everyone to listen to is simply amazing.

You realize how much fun it is and you get ambitious to do it again. Once you’ve released your records, you can proudly say, “yeah, I’m on Spotify. I’m on Apple Music. You can find me there.”  

This is what I want to help you achieve, which is why I’m proud to invite you to join...

Get everything you need to write, produce, mix, and master your songs. And once your song is finished and you're ready to release it, you have access to the resources that help you take the next steps to promote it.


The Insiders community will help you gain the confidence to create professional music you can be proud to release into the world. 


Insiders is NOT your run-of-the-mill program where you're just another number after you join. It’s designed to give you the support you need to succeed, the mentorship to make more music and the feedback to eliminate any doubts you have about producing better music.


Here's What You Get When You Join:

Music Production Mentorship

Don't get stuck with your productions when you need help. As an Insider, you have access to music production materials, as well as regular office hours where you can get personalized help. No matter where you are in the production process, we have materials to help you break through to the next level.

Feedback and Group Coaching

Feedback Fridays are our regular live group calls that give you dedicated mix feedback to help you make your mixes translate to every speaker. Rub shoulders with like-minded musicians and engineers to learn new tricks and techniques to make your next song your best. Get your specific questions answered so you can improve your sounds.


A Supportive Community

Join like-minded musicians and producers working on perfecting their music skills. Join us and ask questions, interact with your peers, get feedback on your music and collaborate with each other on your songs to help you keep your music momentum going. 

Music Production Courses

Get access to music production courses that help you produce, record, arrange, and finish your songs. Get instant access to music production analysis of popular hits from history that help you improve your skills so that you can finish, release, and promote your next song, EP, or album. 

Music Marketing Masterclasses

Our members don't only learn the art of music production, but they also gain the skills needed to succeed in the industry.  Our masterclasses are for home studio musicians, bedroom producers and project studio engineers looking to earn an income with their music skills.

Here's How Becoming an Insider Works:

Step 1: Become a Member

Once you check out below, you'll create an account and join us inside the Insiders community where you also get access to the Audio Issues Academy

Step 2: Book an Action Call

The first thing you do when you become an Insider is to book an Action call to help us understand how we can help you the best. We'll get to know each other and you'll get a personal path to follow through the Audio Issues Academy so that you don't feel overwhelmed with everything that you want to learn.

And believe me, I love meeting you all in person and it gives me great pleasure understanding you better so that I can craft better content to help you out with your mus

Step 3: Decide on Your 30-Day Goal

At the end of the Action Call you’ll set yourself a goal for the next 30 days. This goal varies from person to person, but it often includes things like:

  • Record the scratch tracks for your new song
  • Find a collaborator to help you flesh out your arrangements
  • Finally finish that mix and bring it to Feedback Friday
  • Set up my online presence to share my music

The main point of these goals is to create a simple, actionable goal you can work towards so that you can make momentum with your music.

This is how some of our Insiders have gone on to release more music in a few months as an Insider than they did in the previous year before.


Step 4: Get Continuous Support to Reach Your Goal

In every given month you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get help from the community.

You’ll have access to:

  • Self-Paced Learning Through the Audio Issues Academy: The Audio Issues Academy has over 100 hours of video training on everything you need to know about songwriting, arranging, production, mixing, mastering, and marketing your music. See more details about the Academy lower down on this page.
  • Monthly Q&A Coaching Calls: Every month you'll have access to our group coaching calls so you can keep track of your musical goals and plan for what you want to achieve in the next month. These are office-hour style group calls and I will go around the "room" and help each person with whatever questions they have that month. You won't just learn from me helping you directly, but also from the other Insiders on the call whose problems you can relate to as well. This is great for you to get clarity on what you want to achieve next with your music, but it's also helpful if you have specific questions you don't think are relevant to our normal Feedback Friday calls
  • Bi-Monthly Feedback Friday Mix Coaching Calls: Feedback Friday has grown into one of the most popular parts of the Insiders community. Join us for regular Feedback Friday mix feedback calls where you can bring your music and mixes into the group and get constructive feedback to help you improve your music.
  • Weekly Community Coaching Sessions: In addition to that, you have access to our invaluable office hours with our resident Music Production Mentor, Ed "Charles" Elefterion where you can get help on anything related to songwriting, production, arranging, mixing or mastering. Ed is an experienced songwriter and home studio musician with countless songs under his belt.

In short, you should never feel like you’re working on your music alone in a vacuum because you'll always have access to experienced people to answer your questions, guide you through your problems and help you improve so that become confident with the quality of your music.

This level of support separates The Audio Issues Insiders from ANY other audio education community.

Watch What Our Members Have to Say

Insiders is a community of real people from all walks of life, working in any genre, getting real results. 

Whether they’re working in rock, pop, folk, country, EDM or hip-hop, they’ve all gained the confidence to proudly to release their records.

Take a listen to their stories below.


Eric L'Esperance - From Insecure Engineer to Professional Producer

When Eric joined, he wasn't sure about his skills but he didn't want to keep paying for expensive studio time because he wanted total control over his music. Since joining he has become confident with his mixing and engineering skills and his music has allowed him to start charging for his work as a professional engineer.

Tim Mann - From the Soul Crushing 9-5 to Full-Time Freedom

Tim has improved his mixing and mastering skills to the point of gaining considerable recognition for his work in alternative hip hop, LoFI and EDM. Since joining Insiders, he quit his day job to start his own studio business, becoming a full-time mixing and mastering engineer.


Nic Hamilton - From Zero Records to Releasing 13 Songs in 12 Months!

After years of “dithering and never finishing a mix,” Insiders gave Nic confidence in his mixing abilities to start regularly releasing his songs. Finding like-minded people has inspired Nic to not only start writing new songs, but he’s now on a song/month release schedule with no intention of stopping.

John Owings - From Fullsail University to Audio Issues Insiders

John was a touring musician before his band was dropped by their label. He went to Fullsail University to pursue his passion for audio production where his professors used my materials from Audio Issues to complement their teaching.

He shared with me how the personal attention he gets from me as an Insider is what separates the membership from any other VIP community.


Get Your Music Featured On Our Insiders-Only Playlist

My materials have helped countless musicians, engineers and producers gain the confidence and skills to make professional music they can be proud of.

But more importantly, they’ve used my techniques to actually finish their mixes and release their songs.

Whether they’re working in rock, pop, folk, country, EDM or hip-hop, they’ve all gained the confidence to proudly to release their records.

So many of my students have achieved this that I created a Spotify playlist for all the songs my Insiders members have released after getting feedback and support from the community. It makes for quite the eclectic playlist, and I'd love to feature you on there too!

When you join Insiders you'll get to submit your record to our Spotify playlist for endless bragging rights!

Released Records From Insiders:

Here are just a few select examples of the music our Insiders are working on.

"Play Me! Play Me!"

When You Become an Insider You Also Get Access to the Audio Issues Academy of Training Materials

Music Production Courses ($900 Value)

Get access to music production courses that help you produce, record, arrange, and finish your songs. 

  • Home Recording Hacks: 5-Part video course on recording in your home studio. Learn to record professional vocals with limited equipment, learn acoustic and electric guitar recording techniques in mono and stereo, and how to record vocals and acoustic guitar together with minimal bleed.
  • The Bedroom Producer Program: 3-Part workshop on songwriting, arranging, and producing from your home studio. Gain a solid understanding of production by understanding how to write, arrange, and produce your songs to sound great before you even start mixing.
  • Music Production Strategies: An in-depth analysis of the secrets behind popular productions of the last fifty years, covering twelve different hit songs. 12 in-depth reports, 12 arrangement graphics, and video highlights to discuss how to use these secrets to improve your own production.
  • Mix Workflow Masterplan: A six-module course where you learn to create a mix template to mix faster, how to start your mix efficiently, approach your mix with confidence, and make it translate to every speaker.
  • 13 In-Depth Mix Walkthroughs: You'll also get access to different mix sessions of different genres (from hip-hop and rock to folk and jazz) where you learn exactly how to get to a finished mix, with new mix walkthroughs added all the time.
  • Mixing Masterclass Vault: Get access to in-depth mixing masterclasses on specific topics you need help with.
    • How to Use Mid/Side EQ Masterclass to EQ in 3D
    • Everything You Need to Know About Mixing Drum Masterclass
    • De-Essing Masterclass to Tame the Harsh Sibilance in Your Vocals
    • Top 10 Vocal Effects Masterclass
    • Advanced Dynamics Masterclass: How to Use Transient Designers, Side-chain Compression and Dynamic EQ in Your Mixes
    • Top 10 Mixing Mistakes You Might Be Making
  • Mastering Crash Course: Access to the exclusive, 1-hour Insiders-Only course on mastering your mixes, including three case studies of mastered songs by me and other Insiders showing you the exact process, plug-ins, and settings we use to create professional-sounding masters

Music Marketing and Business Masterclasses ($1,000+ Value)

Our masterclasses are for home studio musicians, bedroom producers and project studio engineers looking to earn an income with their music skills:

  • Musicpreneurship 101: a 5 part music business course on setting up your online presence.
  • 70 Ideas to Monetize Your Music Career: Learning new skills is an important aspect of making more money in the music industry. In 70 Ways to Monetize Your Music Career I'll show you how to use your musical skills to expand your expertise and income.
  • 4-Week Record Release Challenge: Everything you need to do to successfully release and promote your record in the next 28 days.
  • The Customer and Client Roadmap for Musicians and Engineers: If you're trying to get more clients for your studio or want to understand how to reach more customers with your music, this masterclass will get you there.
  • How to Promote Your Music With Content on Social Media: If you're struggling to create social media content to promote your music or your studio, this class is for you.
  • Email Marketing for Musicians and Engineers: If you'd like to engage with your subscribers and potential customers on autopilot, this masterclass makes it easy.
  • How to Run Facebook and Instagram Ads to Grow Your Audience: If you're ready to run ads to promote your songs or your studio, discover the lessons I've learned after spending over $100,000 on Facebook and Instagram ads.

Expert Interview Vault ($600 Value)

Get expert advice from seasoned veterans of the industry.

  • Ian Shepherd on home studio mastering
  • Seth Mosley on songwriting (28 #1 hits)
  • Pre-Production and creativity with Michael Beinhorn (Korn, Marilyn Manson, Herbie Hancock)
  • Drum Recording in small spaces with Jeffrey Anthony (Sheryl Crow)
  • Producing hard rock music with Jordan Valeriote
  • Recording Secrets for the small studio with Mike Senior
  • Ryan Waczek on building a successful indie music career

And more training added to the Academy all the time! 

Give Me Access to Insiders and the Academy!

A Snapshot From Our Community Coaching Calls?

Along with the supportive Insiders community, you'll get personal music mentorship and coaching from resident Insider Experts.

Audio Issues Insiders is for you if: 

  • You're a home studio musician looking for guidance to finally release the songs you've been writing.

  • You're a bedroom producer looking to improve the quality of your tracks so that they compete with the professional records you compare your songs to.

  • You're an engineer looking to improve your skills and meet musicians to help you get to the next level.

  • You’re ready to take the final step in the production process and finally release your songs to be heard by the world.

  • You want to stop tweaking and over-analyzing every single mix move that paralyzes you and holds you back from finishing your work.

  • You want to join an awesome group of home studio musicians and project studio engineers who get to say, “Yeah you can hear my work online. It’s available anywhere you listen to music.”

  • You’re focused on the long-term success of your music - and you want to encourage and support like minded musicians to succeed in the same way.

  • You’ve tried to go it alone but your self-doubt keeps you from overcoming your fears about whether your mixes are any good. You’re ready to get feedback to finally finish your songs.

  • You believe in helping other people share their music by collaborating, contributing and sharing your successes with your music. 


Join Audio Issues Insiders and Level Up Your Music Skills

What Are People Saying About My Materials?

Bob Gemmell, Singer/Songwriter, California

"I've been very impressed by Bjorgvin's tutorials, and he's a great person. Bjorgvin's webinars are informative and engaging, and he's responsive to questions. The live and recorded sessions where Bjorgvin imparts mixing and promotion information is my favorite part of Insiders. I also like the Audio Issues Insiders community. A lot of talent in here. My new album Parts and Labor just went up on Spotify, etc. and the courses are what pulled it over the finish line. There is very little in this world more soul-satisfying than completing this long process with something you can feel proud of – something that is in the world forever.”


Kjell-Vidar Teig, Home Studio Rock Musician, Sweden

"I was a total rookie a couple of years ago and I found your forum online. I learned a lot from your followers in there, and also by you. I've taken the Mixing With 5 Plug-ins course, read a lot of different stuff you have around, and also did your online 1-on-1 lessons which really made a huge difference.  Talking to you in person and getting pinpointed tips was really helpful. When we first met I had already made one album which was... kinda ok, but I just knew that I needed to learn more. My final album would never have been the same without you"



Bob Gardner, working on rock music for sync licensing in Ohio

"Audio Insiders has fast-tracked my growth as a mixer and producer. I love the sense of community around Feedback Friday. It's inspiring to--metaphorically speaking--rub shoulders with like-minded people and learn from one another. I personally love Audio Issues Insiders."

Danny Kroonen working on rock and pop in Holland

"Audio Issues Insiders helped me focus more on the things that matter, rather than relying on ears and trial and error-things alone. What I like most about it is the way the content is written and provided and the very open approach to others."

Simon Rider, Bedroom Producer working on various styles of electronica

"I joined to learn more about mixing and mastering. Feedback from other members has given me the confidence to share my music and the sense of community and the Feedback Friday sessions is what I love the most about Insiders" 

Konstantin, working on dub-style saxophone soundtracks in Berlin

"I joined Insiders because I needed help. And I needed something to start with that wasn't too costly, your offer seemed exactly the appropriate setting for me and it proved to be a really good decision. Audio Issues Insiders has given me more confidence in mixing and encouragement to challenge marketing. Honestly for the price its awsome!! I guess I'd have to hug you first once I get to meet you in person;-)"

Mark Rousell, Engineer/Musician

As a recent student of yours, I also wanted to thank you for the content. You have a knack at getting information across which has allowed me to break down barriers. Seeing some of your 'unconventional' EQ curves has provided me the confidence to start trusting my ears - not the visualizer. I'm now very comfortable employing the strategy that there is no actual convention. Your approach to space and depth has also really helped me understand how to approach this area of the mix...This philosophy has been the most freeing of them all. I have subscribed to other online courses, and watched many, many hours of YouTube content; but nothing has unwrapped the key to the puzzle in the same way you've been able mixes have improved beyond all doubt. Most importantly, my 'bigger picture' perspective towards the process has shifted towards 'feeling' the whole song instead of getting caught up on the micro-details. I always knew this is what was required, but I simply didn't have a clear direction on how to achieve it. You have provided that in abundance. Consider me a very happy customer.

Wyn Evans, Home Studio Mixer

"Overall, I really enjoyed the course. I think for me the most valuable thing was seeing your screen and watching your thought process visually. I have read mixing textbooks in the past and the information is simply too dense to be all that useful. In particular, the "Mixing with no plug-ins" video was extremely helpful. I realized that many of my major mixing woes were caused by poor organization and skipping over fundamentals. I've been mixing for a while as a hobby and in that time have picked up many bad habits, and this course definitely helped me re-learn the habits that make for better mixes. I really enjoyed the course. I personally didn't really want to use the song that you were mixing and instead opted for applying the techniques I learned from the videos to my own mix. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who is starting out on their mixing journey as well as folks like me who have been mixing for a while but haven't learned good fundamentals. I am very satisfied with my purchase. Thanks so much for doing what you do, Björgvin!""

100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guaranteed

As with all of the Audio Issues products, Audio Issues Insiders comes with a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee. 

I want to give you 30 days to check out the community, browse the resources, join our calls and get a full sense of what you can gain from being an Insider before you make up your mind.

Come hang out with us and if you don’t LOVE it, I’ll refund every penny. 

I promise that the Insiders community will help you finally finish your mixes and release your songs so that you can feel proud to play them for your friends and promote them to your fans.

By taking the music production courses, watching the mix walkthroughs, getting feedback on your mixes, and following the online promotion advice inside, you'll know exactly what to do to transform your amateur demos into powerful and professional mixes that you can be proud to release and start learning how to earn an income from your music skills.

There is a reason my students have told me that my training has "instantly improved their mixes." Your fans will love the new professional sounds you're releasing, and you'll impress every new client that comes to your studio because you'll easily show them how good you can make them sound.

I take my guarantee very seriously. I am not interested in keeping your money if you don’t learn anything from what I’m creating for you.

So if you’re not happy, I’m not happy. Simple as that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose to Succeed With Your Music

You've worked hard on your songs. 

You’ve written and recorded all the parts. You’ve mixed the song to the best of your abilities.

You’re ready to release them to the world because you hear the music on the radio and you know that your music is just as good - if not better.

I get it. Your time is limited, and joining groups can be risky because you don’t know how much you’ll use them.

However, it’s riskier to produce music in a vacuum.

If you make music by yourself you don’t get any feedback so you don’t know how good it is.. When you join a group like Insiders, you’re more likely to be more productive with the limited time you have.

If you have a tendency of getting lost when you’re mixing, the accountability of the group can be a great asset to have. The group helps you keep the momentum going so that you finish more mixes and release more songs. Simple as that.

And if you still don’t think you’re using Insiders enough, you can easily cancel at any time. Don’t chase your tail down a rabbit hole every time you work on your music. Join Insiders and start making an impact with your music today.


But if you think there's even a chance that the materials, mentorship, and feedback inside the community will help you achieve more with your music in the next 30 days, you owe it to yourself to try.


If you have even ONE mix in your hard-drive graveyard that you think is good enough...and just needs some polish so you can be proud to finish it, then you know it's worth it.

And if you don't learn to master the production skills I know you have inside of you, you'll be passing by that same song in your hard-drive graveyard a year from now.

I'm here to help you improve your mixes so you can confidently finish and release your records.

If you want that immense feeling of satisfaction knowing that people have an easy way to listen to the music you release...If you want to see your music online and feel proud of a job well done...join Audio Issues Insiders today.

Looking forward to helping you make a bigger impact with your music.

Björgvin Benediktsson

Level Up Your Music Skills When You Join Insiders Today

If you were to buy all of the materials inside the membership vault separately, they would add up to thousands of dollars (and we're adding materials all the time!). 

But you can get started for only a fraction of the cost!

The price has gone up in the past and is likely to go up in the future so make sure you lock in your membership by joining now.

If you want to level up your music skills and release your records with the support of an encouraging and supportive community to help you succeed, join Audio Issues Insiders today to lock in your membership at this low price.

Audio Issues Insiders Monthly


Instant Access - Cancel Any Time

  • Recording, Mixing, and Music Production Courses to Help You Improve Your Skills
  • Personal Mentorship to Give Your Music Constant Momentum
  • Mix Feedback to Help You Improve Your Tracks
  • Music Marketing and Business Classes to Help You Earn an Income With Your Music
  • Expert Interviews from Seasoned Veterans of the Industry
  • A Supportive and Encouraging Community to Help You Succeed
Become an Insider Now and Confidently Finish and Release Your Records

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  • Recording, Mixing, and Music Production Courses to Help You Improve Your Skills
  • Personal Mentorship to Give Your Music Constant Momentum
  • Mix Feedback to Help You Improve Your Tracks
  • Music Marketing and Business Classes to Help You Earn an Income With Your Music
  • Expert Interviews from Seasoned Veterans of the Industry
  • A Supportive and Encouraging Community to Help You Succeed

Instant Access - 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Become an Insider Now and Confidently Finish and Release Your Records