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Student Stories

Eric L'Esperance

When Eric first joined us in 2019, I was struck by the quality of songwriting and songcraft that he and his wife Ash display through their duo, Ash & Eric. He has shown a true commitment to his craft and has exhibited a great deal of growth in his developing career as a producer and recording engineer.

When Eric joined, he wasn't sure about his skills but he didn't want to keep paying for expensive studio time because he wanted total control over his music.

Since building his home studio, he has recorded and released songs for The Promise is Hope, Ash & Eric, as well as for other local musicians in the Worcester area, making a name for himself as Eric "The Harvester" L'Esperance over at Harvest Root Recording.

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Eric L'Esperance - Ash & Eric
Student Stories

John Owings

John was a touring musician before his band was dropped by their label.

Wanting to pursue audio production, he then went to Fullsail University where his professors used my materials from Audio Issues to complement their teaching.

He shared with me how the personal attention and coaching he got from us has helped level up his skills and enabled him to create a side income from his studio skills and now he offers high-quality recording and mixing for independent bands over at 3003 Sound.

Audio Issues Student Interviews
John Owings - 3003 Sound
Student Stories

Gina LaMonte

Gina came to us when the world shut down during COVID and she had to learn how to record, mix, and release her music on her own.

She didn't think she had the ear to do it herself but through our programs, she discovered how to take her music to the next level.

Take a listen to her interview to hear why she thought investing in our materials was "without a doubt the best investment she made."

Audio Issues Student Interviews
Gina LaMonte
Student Stories

Chris McConville

I first met Chris when I mixed and mastered his heart-felt single, "Fire" which later went on to get international recognition and was even playlisted on the in-flight entertainment systems of British Airways.

Here's what he had to say about my work and the materials he has learned from

"Wow! It’s done and dusted! What can I say, it's an absolutely fantastic mix/master. It's a dream come true to get this song sounding so good. It's perfect! It has a great balance and you can hear everything. I think you have done a fantastic job. I can hear that you have implemented all the aspects that you talk about and teach thru Audio Issues. It sounds amazing and really consistent on a number of different speakers. The mix is a nice celebration of the guitars and the song and vocals come to the fore which is the main objective and it is a joy to hear with your mix."

Student Success

My materials have helped countless musicians, engineers and producers gain the confidence and skills to make professional music they can be proud of.

But more importantly, they’ve used my techniques to actually finish their mixes and release their songs.

Whether they’re working in rock, pop, folk, country, EDM or hip-hop, they’ve all gained the confidence to proudly to release their records.

So many of my students have achieved this that I created a Spotify playlist for some of the favorite records I've helped my students release after getting feedback and support from the community. It makes for quite the eclectic playlist, and I'd love to feature you on there too!


This is What I Want to Help You Achieve Inside...


Inside Home Studio Mastery, you'll uncover everything you need to mix, master, and release your songs from the comfort of your home studio, with personal support to help you succeed.

  • Master the mixing and mastering techniques you need to create high-quality, release-ready records from your home studio.

  • Get complete, confident control over your music so that you can realize the vision you have for your songs.
  • Get the hands-on help and on-demand training to transform your rough recordings into finished, professional music you're proud to release.


Home Studio Mastery is for musicians, songwriters, composers, lyricists, producers,  and audio engineers who want to master their mixing skills.

If you want to grow and develop your audio engineering skills, make radio-ready music, and master your craft, Home Studio Mastery is for you.

Take charge of your mixing skills with our hands-on coaching program, which will take your home studio skills to the next level.




You can learn the basics of music production and audio engineering everywhere. There are great books out there you can read (like mine), and there are thousands of Youtube videos to watch on every conceivable mixing trick ever invented.

What makes Home Studio Mastery stand out is the 1:1 personal support you get from someone who listens to your music, gives you feedback on your tracks, and shows you how to take your music to the next level.

No book, program, or YouTube video will give you that.

You don’t need to go it alone, and by getting coaching from a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the audio industry, you’ll get proven feedback designed to move the needle of your music.


Don't worry, you can call me B. That's what my friends do so now you can too.

I'm the author of the #1 Amazon best-seller, Step By Step Mixing: How To Create Great Mixes Using Only 5 Plug-ins, and the founder of Audio Issues.

I believe you can make great recordings from your home studio, music that rivals even the fanciest of commercial facilities.

And since 2009, I've helped thousands of home studio musicians and bedroom producers do just that. 

Home Studio Mastery gives you the simple and practical steps to succeed with your music so you can make progress right away without needing to buy thousands of dollars worth of fancy gear. Don't get me wrong - you will need good equipment, but you can still make great music from your home studio on a budget.

Home Studio Mastery is the culmination of 15+ years of helping musicians and producers become confident in their home studios so that they can make great music they're proud of.

Apply to become a student below!



I can only work with so many students 1-on-1 so if you think you're a good fit for our Home Studio Mastery coaching program, please apply below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Program Details

  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions to keep you on track to finish your mixes and reach your goals
  • Drop-in office hours and Q&A community to get feedback on your mixes or guidance on what to focus on next
  • One Custom Mix Tutorial using a song of your choice (I'll mix it for you and show you how it's done)
  • The 6-part Home Studio Mastery Program

If you have any questions before applying, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].