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Follow a Proven Formula and Finish Polished and Professional Mixes That Explode From Your Speakers, Using the Gear You Already Have


Give Me Six Weeks and You’ll Never Doubt Your Mixing Skills Again


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The REAL Reason You're Not Finishing Your Mixes...

If you’re like most musicians, you want your music to sound just as good as your favorite records…

Once you've recorded your awesome production, you have to make all those tracks sound like the mix you hear in your head.

However, all you get is a muddy mix where the drums take over the bass in the low-end, the guitars sound thin and your vocals get buried by the instruments.

I’m sure you don’t want your mixes to sound so boomy your songs sound like somebody threw a blanket over the speakers...

...or so muddy they feel more like a competitor in Tough Mudder racing through sludge underneath barb-wire.

And no matter what you try, you can't create a clean mix!

Even worse, once you get a decent sound in your home studio you'll take it to the car to make sure it passes the car-test.

You load up your mix in the car, turn the volume up, and...?

And Then Your Mix Makes You Cry!

No matter what you do, you can't get your mix to sound the same anywhere.

When you listen on earbuds, on your phone, or in the wonder why your mix sounds so much worse than other records...

  • The bass is boomy and cluttering up the low-end
  • The vocals are masked by the guitars
  • The drums are so weak and boxy they sound like a toddler banging on cardboard boxes

So you sit in your car and softly weep, wondering if you’ll ever be able to finish a mix that feels like a professional record. 

You’d like to spend your free time working on music you can be proud of, but when your mixes sound thin and harsh next to your favorite songs, you start to give up hope.

You wonder:

  • “Is it my equipment that needs to be upgraded?”
  • “Do I really need a professional studio engineer to help me?”
  • “Maybe I’m just not cut out for this? I’m too [insert your favorite excuse here].”

But before you give up...

You do what everybody else does in the same situation...

You Fall Down the Youtube Rabbit Hole!

Youtube Videos NEVER Give You the Full Picture You Need for Finished Mixes...

  • Youtube videos skip steps. 
  • They assume you know what they know. 
  • They work on music you don’t like.
  • They take 20 minutes to show you a tip that I could teach you in two minutes because they want to show you one more ad to collect ad revenue...

I know this because when I make Youtube videos I do some of this too!

I can only talk a little bit about a specific subject and hope that it gives my viewers a little more information on how to improve their mixes.

But every Youtube video from every audio blogger leaves out a lot of information…

Because it’s simply impossible to share 15 years of knowledge in 10 minutes.

Jumping from one Youtube mix tip to another and expecting them to give you the full formula for fixing your muddy mixes is the definition of insanity…

Although good ol’ Albert probably clapped on 1 and 3 he was still a smart cookie...

And if you’re watching “just one more video,” hoping to get the full picture you might get closer to having his crazy hairdo than having a finished mix.

The Cold Hard Truth is This:

You Can’t Succeed With Your Music if Your Mixes Aren’t Amazing

If your music doesn't sound professionally mixed, you won’t get heard:

  • Your music won’t be played by radio DJs
  • Your music will get rejected by music supervisors for sync
  • Your music will get skipped on streaming services

Even if you’re just working on your music as a hobby you still need to know how to make good mixes, even if it's just in your spare time between your family and work obligations.

And if you’re looking to use your music skills to get freelance audio work…

If your mixes don't compare to professional records, nobody will listen, let alone hire you as a professional mixer.

...And if you want to turn on the radio or play a song on Spotify and say, "Hey listen, I mixed that!" then it's time for you to stop chasing the legendary pot of plug-ins at the end of the rainbow and learn a workflow that teaches you to transform your rough recordings into finished records.

The Simple Secret Behind Great Mixes is This:

Using a proven process and a solid mixing FORMULA is the best way to get quality mixes every time.


  • You don't need thousands of dollars of fancy plug-ins
  • You don't need to waste time with trolls on audio forums
  • You don't need to buy more gear to make your next mix sound fantastic.
  • You don’t need to jump from one Youtube video to another wasting more time on watching ads than finishing mixes

If you're a musician or engineer, struggling to create release-ready, finished mixes but it feels like you can't get them to sound anything other than thin, weak, or muddy, I can help.

When you use a formula, you not only save money from all those plug-ins you won't need to buy, or the mixing engineer you don't need to hire, but you also save time by knowing exactly how to transform your demos into professional, quality mixes that jump out of your speakers.

And before you say, "but music production is creative and doesn't follow a formula!"

I will say, "you're absolutely right!"

Creativity and music are what you are bringing to your mixing sessions. The formula is the framework that helps you finish more mixes than you've ever done before.

When you know instinctively how to get rid of muddiness and a flabby low-end you'll crank out mixes much faster than if you were playing with a new plug-in every day.

And with enough songs in your portfolio, bands might like your mixes enough to hire you.

I don't tell you this just to get your hopes up. I tell you this because I know you can achieve this too.

It's How My Students Succeed Time and Time Again!

They get so good at mixing their own songs that other musicians start to notice. And when those musicians need help with their mixes, that’s who they call.


The Mirage of Too Many Plug-ins

When your songs don’t sound like you want, you may think you can just buy some miracle plug-in that’ll automagically make your mix better.

Like they can just sell you some software that instantly makes all of your songs sound amazing.

If that was true, you'd never hear a bad song on the radio!

It's Sold Like Magic...But It's a Myth!

Unfortunately, you can't polish a turd.

You have to start with great tracks.

Mixing won’t help you fix out-of-time tracks and out-of-tune vocals.


Plug-in companies WILL convince you that they all have the secret solution to solid mixes.

But buying a brand-new plug-in won’t help you make your mixes better if you still have problems at the source or don’t even know how to use the plug-ins you already have.

What if I Told You...

...That You Already Have Everything You Need in Your DAW...

If You Want Pro Mixes That Are Good Enough to Charge For, You MUST Know How to Use These Tools:


1. Equalization

EQ makes all your instruments fit together in the frequency spectrum, clears up the low-mid muddiness and gets your mix to sparkle.

2. Compression 

Compression tightens up the sound of your mix, add punch to your instruments and keeps your dynamics steady.

3. Reverb 

Reverb adds space around your tracks so that it sound three-dimensional and big instead of flat and boring.

4. Delay 

Delay adds depth, effects and excitement to your song without cluttering up the track and making it sound washed out.

5. Saturation

Saturation is your secret sweetener to bring out cool harmonic content in your instruments. It'll add warmth and thickness without adding boominess to your mix.

Those are the plug-ins that every professional engineer uses to get those great mixes that you hear on the radio.

"it's a dream come true to get this song sounding so good."

"Wow! It’s done and dusted! What can I say, it's an absolutely fantastic mix/master. It's a dream come true to get this song sounding so good. It's perfect! It has a great balance and you can hear everything. I think you have done a fantastic job. I can hear that you have implemented all the aspects that you talk about and teach thru Audio Issues. It sounds amazing and really consistent on a number of different speakers. The mix is a nice celebration of the guitars and the song and vocals come to the fore which is the main objective and it is a joy to hear with your mix."

-Chris McConville, U.K.

Download 15 Years of Mixing Experience Into Your Brain in Only Six Weeks

Hi, I'm Björgvin Benediktsson, founder of Audio Issues.

I'm the musician, mixing engineer, and audio educator behind Audio Issues and I'm here to help you turn your amateur demos into professionally produced records you can be proud to release. 

My mixing techniques have helped countless real-life musicians gain the confidence and skills to make professional mixes they can be proud of. 

They've used their mixing skills to successfully release their own records and some have used their new-found mixing skills to get paying jobs from their home studios.

I’ve written over 1,000 articles and tutorials on audio production, both on Audio Issues and for other audio publications such as MusicTech magazine, Audiotuts+, The Pro Audio Files, and Recording Revolution to name a few.

During the economic crash of 2008, I escaped with the measly savings I had left from my audio job to go to the SAE Institute in Madrid, Spain to learn audio engineering.

I started a tiny blog to remember everything I was learning in school. I figured that if I knew the topics well enough to write them down and teach them to others, they would stick better in my brain.

That’s the year Audio Issues was born and since then I've helped thousands of home studio musicians and bedroom producers like yourself improve their mixes.

Ten Years Later, SAE Institute Invited Me Back to Madrid to Guest Lecture!

But remember, I was an amateur back then just like you, trying to remember all the jargon my professors threw at me. 

And let me tell you...there was a time I was clueless…

No, that’s putting it too nicely...

It looked so cool when mixing engineers did it, but when I tried, it was a disaster.

Randomly slapping plug-ins on every track and shrugging my shoulders isn't how you make better mixes.

The mixes sounded boomy in the low-end, the drums sounded boxy and the overall mix balance was always either too harsh or too muddy.

Put Simply, my Mixes Screamed: "Amateur!"

The reason why was simple.

  • If you have no plan of action
  • No concrete steps
  • Or an idea of where you're going to make your mixes sound like you want

You'll mix in circles, never getting to a final, finished record.

I honestly didn't understand what to listen for in a mix so I kept randomly putting plug-ins on tracks, tweaking presets that didn't fit, and selecting inappropriate effects that weren't suitable for the song.

Maybe you can relate?

You Won't Need 15 Years to Know What I Know...

I've come a long way since my crappy mixes. My kick drum and bass guitar work together like a well-oiled rhythm machine, keeping the mix clean yet thick in the low-end.

Today, compression adds punch without squashing the sound because I can hear the compression working.

I'm not scared of tweaking the settings anymore. I know what buttons to push to make my mixes tight and loud. The drums pack a punch when I need them to hit hard, but they can also lay back if the genre demands it.

I've learned to compress each instrument so you can hear everything clearly without the tracks sounding lifeless because I understand the relationship between the threshold and the ratio, and more importantly, how the attack and release will shape your sounds.

Once I've balanced my mix with EQ and tightened it up with compression I now love experimenting with different reverbs and delays to create space and depth. Instead of randomly selecting the wrong reverbs I now have a system in place that helps me choose the best way to add the right space to a mix.

Throughout the years I've amassed a huge bag of tricks for using reverb and delay to create depth in my mixes, without them ever feeling too washed out.

Today my bandmates, clients, and friends compliment me on how clean and clear my mixes sound. 

Now, musicians and bands love my mixes enough to pay for them, and better yet... students learn from my methods so they can do it on their own without hiring a mixing engineer every time they want to record a song.

As a professional audio engineer, I’ve done live sound, broadcast radio recording, and studio mixing for some really incredible national and international acts.

For almost 15 years, I’ve passed on everything I’ve learned so that you can avoid my mistakes and get better mixes in less time than it took me.

Because I've dedicated myself to helping musicians and engineers like yourself how to make a bigger impact with their music, I want to teach you everything I've learned since the beginning.

I understand exactly what you're going through...

As you already know, I've been there.

You can learn from my experience in the industry and my hands-on training at the SAE Institute to get easy to use, practical production tips to get rid of your muddy demos and start mixing pro, radio-ready records that stand up to your favorite records.


Let Me Ask You a Question...

How is a brand-new plug-in going to help if you don’t know how to use the ones you already have effectively?

Do you know what happens when you have too many plug-ins that you don't know how to use?

Me every time I want to use my EMT 140 plate reverb…

Fact: You Waste Valuable Time on Every Mix

Having too many plug-ins creates anxiety because you’re spending more time selecting plug-ins than using those plug-ins creatively to make your mixes better.

So you end up scrolling through the plug-in list, wasting time on demoing plug-ins instead of using the plug-ins you already have.

Before you know it, it’s been half an hour and you still haven’t finished a rough mix because you got lost demoing five different compressors!

Not only have you wasted money at that point, but also...

You’re Out a Bunch of Time You Ain't Never Getting Back!

You may have got a great deal on a plug-in sale, but your song is still stuck in the hard-drive graveyard because newsflash: that plug-in didn’t help that much!


I love new plug-ins too...



Do You Need the Latest and Greatest Compressor to Fix Your Mix?

How To Save 280 Minutes on Every Album!


Let's Do the Math...

If you have 30 tracks...

And you put 5 plug-ins on every track...

Plus 10 aux tracks for effects, with a couple of plug-ins on each aux track...

And it takes you 10 seconds to add each plug-in because you have to scroll through a GIANT list every time...


(10 seconds x 30 tracks x 5 plug-ins) + (10 x 2 x 10) = 1,700 seconds

28 minutes picking plug-ins for each song?!?!

4 Hours. 36 Minutes.

Every. 10 Song. Album! 

"Luckily, I've solved this problem for you so you don't have to waste any more time. What is it? Keep reading."

If you learn to use the tools you already have in a systematic way you’ll crank out great mixes in no time.

You only need premium plug-ins when you’re looking for a specific sound.

Otherwise, the stock plug-ins are fine.

Mastering the plug-ins and equipment you already got is a crucial part of mastering the mixing process.


If Your Mixes are Making You Feel Like This:

And You'd Rather Feel Like This:

Turning a Rough Recording into a Professional Mix Isn’t Some Dark Magic Voodoo...

Follow the Formula and You’ll Get There Too!


I’ve broken down the most important parts of mixing into a proven process that’s helped thousands of musicians and producers just like yourself make radio-ready mixes from their home studio.

Dan Comerchero, Founder of The Pro Audio Files

"Bjorgvin is an expert at breaking down complicated subject matter with language and detail that readers of all skill levels will understand...jam-packed with useful techniques, tips, and strategies from which beginner to advanced audio professionals will surely benefit."

Here’s another simple secret:

Mixing is Easy!

Once you get the hang of it, mixing becomes the most fun part of the production process.

And getting the hang of it doesn’t require you to waste thousands of dollars on audio school or fancy plug-ins.

Mixing isn’t some crazy, chaotic trial and error process where you’re throwing random plug-ins on your tracks to see what sticks.

There’s a simple formula you follow and you’ll get a professional mix every time.

I can teach you everything you need to know in only six weeks.

No matter the genre you're working in, and even if you only have stock plug-ins in your DAW, you can use the same mixing system to create professional records that rival the sound of your favorite records. 

And if you want to get there you can….


...Without spending a year of your life and thousands of dollars on audio school...

...Without hiring an expensive mixing engineer every time you want to release a song...


...You can acquire the skills of every professional mixing engineer in only six weeks with…

Introducing: Mix Finisher Formula

The Only Mixing System You Need to Produce Radio-Ready Records

Mix Finisher Formula shows you the simple system you can use to confidently finish your mixes and proudly release your records...every time you work on a song.

No missing steps, no confusion.

Just a quick and effective blueprint you can learn in only six weeks to get from a rough recording to a finished mix.

Say No More! I'm Ready to Enroll in Mix Finisher Formula!

Module #1 - Your Pre-Mixing Mindset

As soon as you enroll you'll get access to the first module where you learn what to keep in mind as you get closer to the mixing stage, and when to know that your production is ready for mixing, and what to do before you start mixing.

Inside module #1 You'll Discover:

  • The crucial questions you need to know before you even start mixing
  • The simple production process Anna Kendrick can teach you about creating a powerful hit song
  • The secret to speeding up your mixing process so that you can get creative immediately
  • Why focusing on the most consistent instrument to edit to is your best bet instead of pulling everything to the click
  • How to quickly edit your drums and bass together to both conserve the groove while keeping the time

Many audio educators sell their production and editing courses separately.

I include this module as a part of Mix Finisher Formula because I know how important the production, arrangement, and editing process is to a great mix.

"Thank you for the list even though this isn't a production course. It is much help for the beginner...."

-Scott Rose

"You are giving me confidence that I am going to be able to craft mixes that I will be proud to share!"

-Gina LaMonte

"I am SOOOOO glad that you incorporated this in this module! My main mix focus is vocals, specifically a cappella and hearing pitch perfect again is a reminder of a quality mix that I am hoping to get to the level of one day. I'm obsessed with this style and appreciate the mix behind it too and can't wait to get to that level. Thanks again for sharing this!!! I can express how happy I am haha"

-Philip Torrenueva

Module #2: Make Faster Mixes With an Efficient Mix Template

In module two you’ll learn how to set up and create a mix template that works for you and your productions.

I’ll walk you through mine and give you ideas on why and how to use one to get better mixes in less time. 

This module not only shows you how to save time with a template, but I also give you a bunch of tips and tricks on what settings I use on my plugins in my template and why they’re there.

Here's What the Mix Template Formula Will Teach You

  • How a mix template can shave hours off your mixing time so you can get better mixes in less time
  • Exactly what plug-ins you should be using on your mix bus to get a good rough mix immediately
  • How to get great drum mixes in no time with just a few plug-ins and a simple process
  • The quickest way to get a great rough mix without wasting time  browsing your plug-ins folder
  • How to set up your instrument and vocal mixing template to easily make your instruments stand out
  • What effects busses you should create in your template so you can easily create punch through parallel compression, width through stereo widening, and depth with reverb and delay
  • What professional mixing engineers don't tell you about parallel processing to create powerful mixes
  • See exactly how to group and buss your instruments for a faster workflow
  • Learn the exact EQ filters that are in place for every instrument for instant low-mid cleanup without you needing to waste time EQ'ing the low-end every time

"these lessons really made a huge difference to me... I'm a rookie, and an older one as well, unfortunately, so it took me some effort to get it right, but thanks to this I finally plunged into my DAW, which is Cubase. I set up a template where I routed my kick/snare/toms & overheads into a drum bus and my lead and backing vox into a vocal bus. I love the parallel opto and fet-compressing, which does magic for the vocals, in my particular case. Very happy with this course, thx!"

-Tom Vandegoor

"Great lessons this week! I have been working on mine for a few months now...I definitely realized my buses are a mess and I am trying to come up with a standard where I use the same buses for the same sends".

-John Owings

"Hi Bjorgvin, this took me longer than a half an hour, but I'm glad it did. I went down a rabbit hole of actually acknowledging what plug ins I do own, and actually having an idea of what they are meant to do. But it's great to have a template, and there is no way I would have such a template to experiment with if I was not doing this course. It's making me challenge myself and break on through. It's taking me a little longer, but I know for myself I am making gains."

-George Coutsoudis

Module #3: Get All Watts on Your Mixes With the Mix Finisher Philosophy

Although we won't be diving deep into the collective unconscious and wax lyrical about Ginsberg, Watts, and Socrates, we will discuss some of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to approaching your mixes.

In module three you'll learn everything you need to know about prepping your session and getting started with your mix.

Here's What the Mix Finisher Philosophy will Teach You

  • How to prepare your mix so that you start off on the right track (no pun intended)
  • The simple naming structure for your tracks so that you can speed through a giant session
  • The subtle difference between phase and polarity
  • The hidden danger that can make your tracks thin and weak
  • Your gain-staging gameplan so you don't accidentally overcook your mix
  • How to gain-stage your session when you have over 100 tracks in your mix
  • The three simple approaches to starting your mix depending on your style
  • How to get a rough static mix with NO plug-ins

“Wow did not even know about checking the polarity of instruments before mixing! Thanks…Awesome idea about colour coding the tracks in the edit windows! Very helpful all round thanks.” 

-George Coutsoudis

“what a great tip, would never have thought of zooming in like that to see how slight the drums out. I need to pay more attention during the initial listen and rough mix before I start throwing on plugins. This was definitely eye-opening.”

-John Owings

“Good lesson! 10 years ago before I began educating myself on mixes, I would immediately start throwing plugins on everything, this stage is so important to begin with volume & panning.”

-Ron Irizarry

Module #4 - The 5 Plug-in Framework

Module 4 is MASSIVE and it's the centerpiece of the entire course. The 5 Plug-in Framework is my brand-new and expanded training module based on my best-selling book Step By Step Mixing: How to Create Great Mixes Using Only 5 Plug-ins.

Those are the plug-ins that every professional engineer uses to get those great mixes that you hear on the radio.

If you want to create professional mixes that are good enough to charge for, you MUST know how to use these processors.

  • Learn to separate your instruments with EQ
  • Discover how to hear compression and use it effectively
  • Make it easy to add space and depth with reverb and delay
  • Add warmth, thickness, and that special secret sauce with saturation

With a total of 26 videos in this module alone, you'll learn everything you need to know about EQ, compression, reverb, delay, and saturation.

Here's What You'll Discover Inside the 5 Plug-in Framework: 

Creating Separation in Your Mixes With EQ

EQ makes all your instruments fit together in the frequency spectrum, clears up the low-mid muddiness, and gets your mix to sparkle.

  • How to use filters to clean up your low-end, fix your muddy mixes, and get rid of harsh high-end.
  • The time-saving EQ method that helps you mix faster
  • How to use EQ to bring out the best of the drums (whether you're mixing acoustic drums or programmed beats), bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals, and other instruments.
  • How to get rid of muddiness, reduce boom and add presence and sparkle to a mix using JUST EQ
  • The two-step process to use low-pass filters to tighten up guitars while making them cut through the mix
  • The underused frequency area where you can bring out the character of the keyboards without masking other aspects of the mix
  • How to EQ a vocal-heavy song so that the backup vocals don't overpower the lead vocals
  • The most important, but overlooked aspect of using EQ to rebalance your mix to hear the separation between all the instruments in your song
  • How to keep the mid-range in check so you don't get boxy kick drums, honky guitars, muddy bass or nasally vocals. Take the guesswork out of EQ and follow along so you know exactly when and why you should cut and boost each instrument.

"I learned the difference between EQ'ing for balance and cohesion and EQ'ing for color and dimension. "

"I found this course to be detailed, relevant, and very practical - and quite a bit of fun. Specifically, I found each of the tutorial videos engaging and detailed, yet it was not "preachy" as "this is the only way to" I learned the difference between EQ'ing for balance and cohesion and EQ'ing for color and dimension. The visual component of seeing the specific instrument's frequency range really helps nail problem areas more efficiently. Also, this course has changed (and simplified) the way I set up a session. The idea is great. You explain a little bit of why you use the plugin and what the overall goal is. Then you do it" live and then explain what you have done. I realized that all you need is basically only these 5 plug-ins."

-Ken Bauer, Mixing Engineer

Creating Punch and Tightness With Compression

Compression tightens up the sound of your mix, adds punch to your instruments, and keeps your dynamics steady.

You'll learn how to hear compression and use it effectively to create punch and power.

  • How to use every button on your compressor to effectively add punch and power to your mix.
  • How to use the ratio to squeeze your drums and make them thicker, punchier, and more powerful
  • The two most important knobs on your compressor and how they affect the entire sound of your tracks. Working these knobs wrong will make your instruments sound dull and lifeless
  • The sneaky way to use presets to speed up your mixing (while still tweaking them for the best results)
  • How to use two different compressors in serial to get the best of both worlds that are better than the sum of their parts. This is an incredible trick for big, in-your-face vocals
  • How to know which compressor-style and emulation to use on each instrument. If you've wondered about the difference between VCA, FET, or OPTO you'll know EXACTLY how each one sounds after this video
  • The easy way to use parallel compression as an insert instead of a send to make your punchy parallel compression even easier
  • How to create a compression system to make every compression decision easier on every mix.
  • How to apply compression to your tracks, your submixes, your master bus, and in parallel for the best results.
  • How to use parallel compression and multi-band compression to add punch, thickness, and weight to your mixes
  • How to rebalance your EQ after compression to keep everything going smoothly. Compression alters the volume and loudness of each track so careful rebalancing is key to keeping your song consistent every time you add a new processor to the mix.



Adding Depth and Space With Reverb and Delay

Reverb adds space around your tracks so that it sound three-dimensional and big instead of flat and boring. 

​Delay adds depth, effects, and excitement to your song without cluttering up the track and making it sound washed out.

In this section, you'll learn a ton of tricks on how you can use reverb and delay to add space and depth to your mixes.

  • Exactly what all the crazy settings on your reverbs do and how you can use them to add space and depth to your tracks
  • How to know which room mode to use, and how they affect the feel of your mix
  • How to use the 3-Verb technique to instantly create space in your mix
  • What you should NEVER add reverb to in a mix. Adding too much reverb to everything will result in a washed-out mix. Make sure you keep these few things dry.
  • 7 ways to find the right reverb for your mix, whatever genre you're working in.
  • How to use short and weird reverb settings to make bigger snares.
  • How to use sends to place your instruments in the mix according to how much impact you want them to have
  • Do you make these mistakes when creating separation between electric and acoustic guitars? Learn how to separate acoustic and electric guitars with different reverb based on what they're playing
  • How to use modulated stereo delays to keyboards. This subtle trick will add depth to your keyboards without cluttering up the rest of the mix
  • When to use delays instead of reverbs when you want to add depth without adding too much space.
  • How to use delays on guitar solos, rhythm guitars, lead vocals, drums, and percussion, as well as organs, synths, and keyboards.
  • How to use delays to create stereo widening to create a powerful stereo image.
  • The incredibly important aspect of how and why to EQ your reverbs for a cleaner mix.
  • When to use mono instead of stereo delays.

How to Add Sweetening With Saturation

Saturation is your secret sweetener to bring out cool harmonic content in your instruments.

It'll add warmth and thickness without adding boominess to your mix.

In this section, you'll learn how to add warmth, thickness, and that special secret sauce to your mixes to make them stand out.

  • The best way to use tape saturation to make your mixes smoother and warm.
  • Your step-by-step approach to knowing whether to use saturation on a track.
  • How to give your kick drum more low-end thickness and weight.
  • How to use multi-band saturation to give your snare drum the bite it needs to cut through a busy mix.
  • Using parallel saturation to create subtle thickness and warmth.
  • How to add warm tape emulation to bring out the acoustic guitars in your mix.
  • How to use saturation to dirty up your keyboard patch to make it more interesting.
  • Your easy process to find which saturation plug-in is the best to use to make your tracks stand out.
  • How to apply saturation on drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, synths, and vocals.
  • How to use saturation on your submixes and busses.
  • The importance of not going overboard with your saturation plug-ins.

"...the biggest takeaway was learning a rock-solid workflow that keeps me mixing and creating instead of losing valuable time sifting through hours of articles and videos. Now when I start a new project, I have more confidence and feel better about my mixes."

"I felt like I had a basic knowledge of recording and mixing. The issue I had was putting it all together and figuring out a way to get a song finished (or knowing when a song is finished) and ready to be mastered and released. I learned a lot about EQ and compression but the biggest takeaway was learning a rock-solid workflow that keeps me mixing and creating instead of losing valuable time sifting through hours of articles and videos. Now when I start a new project, I have more confidence and feel better about my mixes. This course was great and the support was outstanding. I have purchased similar courses before and I have never received this kind of one on one attention from the others. The course worked well for me and it was presented in a way that never felt like information overload. If you are looking for a straight forward mixing course that teaches you advanced techniques that you can actually understand and use to improve your mixes, then this is for you."

-John Owings

Module #5 - Mix Translation Formula

In module five, once you’ve set up your mix template, prepped your mix, and learned the five plug-in framework, you'll follow my step by step mixing workflow to transform your rough recordings into professionally produced records.

You’ll also learn to use reference tracks and get my formula for making your mixes translate to every speaker system.

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • The step by step mixing workflow you can follow on every mix without getting overwhelmed
  • Three ways to use reference tracks to get your mixes sounding like professional records
  • How to check your mixes on multiple systems and what to look out for so that they translate everywhere. I walk you through my 7-step process of checking your final mix on different monitoring systems and speakers so they sound the same on every speaker
  • How to fix mix translation issues when your mix sounds like it has a blanket over it.
  • How to make your mixes sound exciting without excessive tweaks.
  • What to think about when you can only mix on headphones.

And how to know when to quit and call your mix FINISHED!

"Without your support, I would have never dared to publish songs."

"I’ve tried to follow all your advice and tips throughout the whole recording and mixing process. It was you who really encouraged me to make the final step and releasing songs at last. I’ve gained much more confidence in my audio skills by attending your courses, reading your books, watching your videos. Thanks a lot!!!"

-Michael Schu, Home Studio Musician, Germany



Hey! That’s A-OK Hombre!

You can choose your own adventure throughout the course!

At the start of the course you can choose between:

  • Your own song you already have. Remember that Mix Finisher Formula will help you no matter what genre you're working in.
  • A singer-songwriter pop song (Easy difficulty)
  • An alternative rock song (Intermediate difficulty)
  • A hip-hop/rap production (Intermediate difficulty)
  • A Bossanova jazz song (this one is my favorite and the most Advanced)

You can download the multi-tracks to any of these songs to work with throughout the course.

And then…

At the end of the course…

You’ll get access to the Mix Walkthrough Vault!


Bonus Module - The Mix Walkthrough Vault!

We'll finish up the course with the Mix Walkthrough Vault.

I show you tips and tricks throughout the course using multiple different genres from folk and R'n'B to hard rock and jazz.

But you'll also get access to the Mix Walkthrough Vault where I walk you through five real-world mixes, showing you exactly what plug-ins I used to get to a finished record.

You'll get access to the walkthroughs of the songs you can choose at the beginning of the course

  • Video #1 - Singer/Songwriter Pop Mix Walkthrough
  • Video #2 - Alternative Rock Mix Walkthrough
  • Video #3 - Bossanova Jazz Mix Walkthrough

But you'll also. get access to two BONUS Mix Walkthroughs!

  • Bonus Walkthrough #1 - Folk Mix Walkthrough
  • Bonus Walkthrough #2 - Country Blues Mix Walkthrough

PLUS: You'll get my mastered mixes to use as reference tracks to beat!

"There is very little in this world more soul-satisfying than completing this long process with something you can feel proud of"

"My new album Parts and Labor just went up on Spotify, etc. and the courses are what pulled it over the finish line. Rather than attempt to learn everything a professional engineer might know, I purchased the course from Audio Issues. It’s basic, ground-up instruction on going from zero to a quality mix in the fewest number of steps. Since I had the audio tracks recorded already, I substituted my tracks for the audio that is provided in the curriculum. This was very effective, in that I was more vested in the learning process. I turned it from a two-step learning process (take class, apply what you learned) into one, applying the knowledge in real-time. There is very little in this world more soul-satisfying than completing this long process with something you can feel proud of – something that is in the world forever.”

-Bob Gemmell, Singer/Songwriter, California 

"My final album would never have been the same without you"

"I was a total rookie a couple of years ago and I found your forum online. I learned a lot from your followers in there, and also by you. I've taken the Mixing With 5 Plug-ins course, read a lot of different stuff you have around, and also did your online 1-on-1 lessons which really made a huge difference.

Talking to you in person and getting pinpointed tips was really helpful. When we first met I had already made one album which was... kinda ok, but I just knew that I needed to learn more.

My final album would never have been the same without you"

-Kjell-Vidar Teig, Home Studio Rock Musician, Sweden



"I have subscribed to other online courses, and watched many, many hours of YouTube content; but nothing has unwrapped the key to the puzzle in the same way you've been able to"

"As a recent student of yours, I also wanted to thank you for the content. You have a knack for getting information across which has allowed me to break down barriers. Seeing some of your 'unconventional' EQ curves has provided me the confidence to start trusting my ears - not the visualizer. I'm now very comfortable employing the strategy that there is no actual convention. Your approach to space and depth has also really helped me understand how to approach this area of the mix...This philosophy has been the most freeing of them all. I have subscribed to other online courses, and watched many, many hours of YouTube content; but nothing has unwrapped the key to the puzzle in the same way you've been able mixes have improved beyond all doubt. Most importantly, my 'bigger picture' perspective towards the process has shifted towards 'feeling' the whole song instead of getting caught up on the micro-details. I always knew this is what was required, but I simply didn't have a clear direction on how to achieve it. You have provided that in abundance. Consider me a very happy customer."

-Mark Rousell, Engineer/Musician

"I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who is starting out on their mixing journey as well as folks like me who have been mixing for a while but haven't learned good fundamentals."

"Overall, I really enjoyed the course. I think for me the most valuable thing was seeing your screen and watching your thought process visually. I have read mixing textbooks in the past and the information is simply too dense to be all that useful. In particular, the "Mixing with no plug-ins" video was extremely helpful. I realized that many of my major mixing woes were caused by poor organization and skipping over fundamentals. I've been mixing for a while as a hobby and in that time have picked up many bad habits, and this course definitely helped me re-learn the habits that make for better mixes. I really enjoyed the course. I personally didn't really want to use the song that you were mixing and instead opted for applying the techniques I learned from the videos to my own mix. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who is starting out on their mixing journey as well as folks like me who have been mixing for a while but haven't learned good fundamentals. I am very satisfied with my purchase. Thanks so much for doing what you do, Björgvin!"

-Wyn Evans, Home Studio Mixer

Take a Tour Inside the Course

See exactly what you can expect when you enroll and join us inside the Mix Finisher Formula members' area.


Hear What Other Students Like Yourself Have Said About Mix Finisher Formula:


“Literally, within a short amount of time you will know so much more than what you knew before. I would highly recommend it to anyone. You definitely give people a sense of hope and purpose and the fact that it can be done and you and your knowledge is amazing!”

-George Coutsoudis

“Mix Finisher Formula was my perfect class. Without a doubt the best investment I’ve made this year. It’s helped me understand so very much. I told myself my whole life that I don’t have an ear for this and that was my excuse for never learning how…It finally hit me that my DAW is a musical instrument and that really woke me to make that musical choice. I’m absolutely loving it."

-Gina LaMonte


365-Day 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guaranteed

As with all of the Audio Issues products, Mix Finisher Formula comes with a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee.

I promise that following the workflow inside Mix Finisher Formula you'll learn to create punchy and powerful records. If there's even a slight chance that this program can work for you to improve your mixes, it's a no-brainer to try it out.

You can even take the course for a spin before you make up your mind. You can try all the tricks and keep the training for a full year before deciding whether you like them or not.

If at any point within 365 days you decide that Mix Finisher Formula doesn't immediately help you transform your recordings into professionally mixed records like the hits you hear on the radio, simply email [email protected] at ANY TIME to get a full refund, no questions asked or strings attached!

Your fans will love the new professional sounds you're releasing, and you'll impress every new client that comes to your studio because you'll easily show them how good you can make them sound.

"I take my guarantee very seriously. I am not interested in keeping your money if you do not get any value from what I'm creating for you. So if you’re not happy, I’m not happy. Simple as that."

-Björgvin Benediktsson

"Mix Finisher Formula is like your own private Youtube with videos that teach you how to mix from A - Z, in order, answering all of your questions...with no ads!"

Unlike Any Other Online Course

No other mixing course gives you the type of individual attention like Mix Finisher Formula.

I'm in there to support you whenever you have a question or get stuck on a module so you never have to worry about feeling alone or confused with any of the topics you'll learn inside the course.


Mix Finisher Formula is for you if:

  • You’re ready to finally create mixes that stand up to the professional releases you hear on the radio or streaming services.

  • You want to stop tweaking your mixes and start following a mixing system that helps you confidently create great mixes using the five most important processors every professional engineer uses to get great results.

  • You want to finish the music you make in your home studio or start getting more clients to hire you to mix their own songs.

  • You want to confidently charge for your mixing services because you know your skills are good enough to stand up to the professional releases your clients are comparing their songs to.

Simply put, if you're ready to master your mixing skills so you can: 

  • Create separation between your instruments
  • Know exactly how and when to use compression
  • Add tasteful depth and space with reverb, delay and effects; 
  • And master the different styles of saturation, parallel processing and other advanced techniques to make your music sound like the professional records you love...

Mix Finisher Formula is for you.


Learn the Formula for Finishing Your Mixes

From Broke Musician to Professional Music Producer

Eric L’Esperance plays acoustic folk with his wife Ash as the duo The Promise is Hope.

They used to make most of their income from touring the East Coast.

Then COVID Came...and Their Income Dried Up Overnight!

But that wasn’t when the music died. That’s when he decided he wanted total control over his music instead of relying on expensive engineers at commercial studios.

I mixed one of his songs for them and then showed him how it was done. From there he was off to the races. They released their first-ever record from their home studio and it was one of their most successful releases EVER.

But the income was drying up and the live venues weren’t opening any time soon. He needed to make money right away but he couldn’t imagine teaching kids how to play guitar.

And to be honest, I don’t blame him...

I love teaching people how to mix, but if I had to teach five-year-olds how to play an F-chord I'd run back to my dead-end cashier gig at the supermarket!

Ain't Nobody Got That Kind of Patience!

However, his engineering skills had improved considerably and he gained the confidence to believe in his abilities as an audio engineer.

And with that confidence came the confidence to start charging for his skills.

Now he’s working as a freelance producer from his home studio and it’s opened up a whole new world of possibilities for him. 

If You're Smart Like Eric, You'll Learn to Do it Yourself

That way you save money because you don't need to hire anybody else. You'll already have the knowledge needed to crank out professional mixes. The knowledge that may even get you paying gigs as you show your mixes to other musicians.

If you want to get to that level, it's clear as day what you need to do to improve your mixes:

Learn a proven formula for finishing your mixes.

Eric L'Esperance, The Promise is Hope, Massachusetts, USA

“Our listeners have been sending us messages about the tune, and are gushing on the song. So many folks are talking about how beautiful it sounds. I know that the work we did recording and arranging played a large part, but your mixing/mastering job was the icing on the cake. Thanks again for selecting the tune. "Simon, Taylor, Denver, Cash" is our best single release ever. That was the first song I ever recorded myself, and along with that came a whole bunch of doubt. I just didn’t know if I was capable of recording quality enough tracks on my own. Hearing your mix come back sounding professional and legit gave me the confidence to continue investing in this journey. This has been a dream of mine for several years, and your role has encouraged me in a deeply meaningful way. Your mentorship has been instrumental and hugely impactful and I know our future albums will have your thumbprint all over them."

I REALLY Give a FAQ About Your Mixes, That’s Why I Have Answers to Some of Your Most Popular Questions

When You Enroll Today You'll Get These Bonuses Valued at $445 For Free!

Bonus #1 - Mixing With 5 Plug-ins Video Course ($347 Value)

The previous Audio Issues flagship course, Mixing With 5 Plug-ins is included, where I walk you through the Five Plug-in Framework I’ve taught thousands of students throughout the years. In this course, I start with a rough multi-track recording of a folk-rock track, and we end with a finished mix, using only EQ, compression, reverb, delay and saturation. In Mix Finisher Formula I go even deeper, but this course goes from start to finish on a real-life session.

As soon as you sign up. to Mix Finisher Formula you'll also have lifetime access to MW5P. All 6 Course Modules on mixing with Volume & Panning, EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay, Saturation and Mix Translation. All modules are delivered via video with in-depth written content as well..

Bonus #2: Parallel Processing Masterclass:

How To Use One Single Mix Technique to Add That Final 10% Your Mixes are Missing ($49 Value)

  • Add the extra power you need to transform your drums sound, making it stand out without getting in the way of the rest of the instruments
  • Make an explosive snare with parallel saturation 
  • Add parallel smash to your drum loops
  • Add presence to your bass guitar so that it cuts through the song without muddying up your mix
  • Add parallel saturation and amp simulation to enhance your bass guitar tracks
  • Add stereo width and depth to your guitars for added dimension and interest with both mono reverbs and stereo delays
  • Add parallel processing during the recording phase so that the singer gives you a great performance
  • Add professional presence with artificial double tracking, parallel depth, and excitement to add extra high-end professional sheen to your vocals

Bonus #3 - Advanced Mixing Techniques Mix Walkthrough ($49 Value)

  • How I use amp simulation inside the box to create convincing guitar tones
  • How I layer trumpets and use parallel processing to make the horn section huge
  • What processing I use on the mix bus to make the entire mix come together quickly.
  • A complete walkthrough of how I mixed the drums, including all the random plug-ins and effects I use to add power and punch
  • The ultra-simple organ mixing plug-in I used to make the organ sit nicely in the mix
  • My go-to stereo widening trick I use on all of my mixes
  • How I used a combination of ADT, vocal space processing and stereo width to add depth to the vocals
  • How you don't even have to touch the individual tracks to create a great sounding mix

Exclusive Bonus Masterclasses on Setting Up Your Studio and Finding the Time to Make Music ($240 Value)

When you enroll in MFF you'll also get exclusive access to these two bonus masterclasses.

Bonus Masterclass #1 -How to REALLY Hear What Your Monitors are Saying ($120 Value

If you don't have a perfect, commercially treated studio, don't worry. This bonus masterclass will help you make the most of your limited equipment.

Here's what you'll learn from this masterclass

  • How to make the most of your limited acoustic treatment
  • Where to start when you're ready to invest in acoustic treatment
  • Discover EXACTLY where to put your acoustic treatment for the best results
  • How to find the right monitors for you
  • How to make your mixes translate even if you don't have fancy monitors
  • Bonus Video: How to get the biggest bang for your buck when you're buying new equipment. In this video, I lay out my shopping strategy to make sure I always get the right equipment for my studio.

Bonus Masterclass #2 - How to Find Time to Mix When You're Busy ($120 Value)

Finding the time to mix your songs when you have a busy schedule is hard.

In this masterclass you'll learn:

  • How to find the missing gaps in your schedule so you can finally finish your songs
  • How to harness the power of deadlines to get $#!t done!
  • How to use the simple Pomodoro technique to finish a rough mix in only two hours
  • The powerfully simple Summit-Style Check-in you can use to achieve more with your limited time


Grab All These Bonuses When You Enroll in MFF Today!

Plus: Master Your Mixes - Make Pro Records ($197 Value)

Mastering is the final step in the production process that makes your mix loud, punchy, and powerful and I'd be a bad teacher if I didn't help you master your own mixes too. 

If you’d like to take your finished mixes and feel confident that they stand up against the commercial records you compare them to, Master Your Mixes will take you there.

This four-module course will explain everything you need to know about mastering so you can confidently release your records, knowing that they sound just as loud and powerful as the records you hear on the radio.

Inside Master Your Mixes You'll Discover...

  • Why Master Your Mix?
  • What Exactly is Mastering?
  • How To Prepare Your Mix for Mastering
  • My Secret Weapon for LOUD Mixes
  • What Plug-ins are the Best for Mastering
  • The Metering Tools You Need
  • How to Use Linear Phase EQ
  • How to Use Multi-Band Compression
  • How to Use Limiting

You'll also get mastering walkthroughs from a few select students, with music ranging from jazz and folk to indie rock so that you can see a broad selection of different genres.

At the end of this course, you'll have all the knowledge you need to create loud and powerful records, no matter what genre you're working in.

"shows how you can produce release-ready tracks with just the stock plugins in your DAW"

"The ‘Master Your Mixes’ course contains so much invaluable information and, perhaps more importantly, shows how you can produce release-ready tracks with just the stock plugins in your DAW. My mixes have improved vastly in a short space of time, with not only loudness but depth and clarity too."

-Simon Rider, Electronic Music Producer, U.K.

"Thanks a lot, Bjorgvin Benediktsson...Kindly allow me to over-estimate your importance in the growth of my musical career from an amateur into a pro... Your information has really molded my production skills into what my clients today call good music... Thanks a lot and keep up the good work."

-Andika Wilson, Producer

You Have Two Options for Making Radio-Ready Mixes

"In six weeks, where do you want to be with your mixing skills?"

Option #1 - Improve With the Mix Finisher Formula

You learn a proven mixing system that’s helped thousands of musicians, engineers and producers create radio-ready records from their home studio, even if they don’t have expensive gear or premium plug-ins

Option #2 - Do Nothing 

You'll be exactly where you are now in six weeks. You'll make my mistakes and mindlessly twist knobs and move faders without knowing what you’re doing...waste time watching ads on Youtube jumping from one trick to another...or spend even more money on plug-ins that won’t help you get results.

Mix Finisher Formula Closes On Friday...

Imagine: In Only a Few Weeks You'll Discover Mixing Techniques that Took Me Over a Decade to Learn... 

...You don't have to spend $10,000 of your money and a year of your time in audio school to learn the skills you need to make radio-ready mixes. 


...You don't have to pay a mixing engineer $500 every time you want to release a record.


You’ll be a master mixing engineer in six weeks, learning from my 15 years of experience in the industry, and you’ll be able to crank out professional quality, radio-ready records from your home studio with ease. 


All you gotta do is enroll...

Once you finish the checkout process you'll be emailed your log-in information to access the members' area. At that point, the only thing left to do is to start making better mixes than you've ever made!

Enroll in Mix Finisher Formula

Only 6 Monthly Installments of $57

Instant Access - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Mix Finisher Formula ($597 Value)
  • Special Mix Walkthrough Vault With Practice Multi-tracks
  • Mastered Reference Mixes from the Mix Walkthrough Vault
  • Student Support With Answers to Any Questions if You Get Stuck

Exclusive Bonuses:

  • Free Bonus: Mixing With 5 Plug-ins Video Course ($347 Value), including the Parallel Processing Masterclass and the "Crazy For Me" Advanced Mix Walkthrough
  • Free Bonus: How to REALLY Hear What Your Monitors Are Saying Masterclass on Monitoring and Acoustic Treatment ($120 Value)
  • Free Bonus: How to Find Time for Mixing When You're Busy and Overwhelmed Masterclass ($120 Value)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Lifetime Access

Total Value Included in Your Package: $1,184

Your Investment: Only 6 Monthly Installments of $57

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Enroll in Mix Finisher Formula
Only 6 Monthly Installments of $57

Enroll in Mix Finisher Formula and Master Your Mixes

Only 6 Monthly Installments of $77

Instant Access - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Mix Finisher Formula ($597 Value)
  • Special Mix Walkthrough Vault With Practice Multi-tracks
  • Mastered Reference Mixes from the Mix Walkthrough Vault
  • Student Support With Answers to Any Questions if You Get Stuck
  • Master Your Mixes - Make Pro Records 6-Module Mastering Course ($197 Value)

Exclusive Bonuses:

  • Free Bonus: Mixing With 5 Plug-ins Video Course ($347 Value), including the Parallel Processing Masterclass and the "Crazy For Me" Advanced Mix Walkthrough
  • Free Bonus: How to REALLY Hear What Your Monitors Are Saying Masterclass on Monitoring and Acoustic Treatment ($120 Value)
  • Free Bonus: How to Find Time for Mixing When You're Busy and Overwhelmed Masterclass ($120 Value)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Lifetime Access

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Enroll in Mix Finisher Formula and Master Your Mixes!
Only 6 Monthly Installments of $77