Create Professional Records You Can Be Proud to Release, Even If You Don't Have a Pro Studio!

  • Are you afraid to release your songs because you don’t think your mixes are good enough?  
  • Are you overwhelmed and constantly tweaking your productions without knowing whether they’re done?
  • Are you worried your mixes won't sound good next to commercial records because you don't know how to mix and master your songs?

If you're tired of bouncing from one Youtube video to another or buying courses that never seem relevant to the music you're working on, my mixing and mastering services will give your records the quality they need so you can confidently finish your songs and release your records.

Whether you're a home studio musician looking to release your records or a project studio producer trying to create a portfolio to reach clients, I’m positive I can skyrocket the quality of your music.

My name is Björgvin Benediktsson and I run Audio Issues. I've been an audio engineer for over 10 years. I've written over 1,000 articles on audio production that have helped thousands of audio engineers and musicians improve their music since 2011 and I'm the #1 best-selling author of Step by Step Mixing.

However, I understand that not everybody wants to learn the ins and outs of mixing. You’d rather have someone else tackle your song and give you a killer mix you can use to promote your music.

I offer both done-for-you mixing and mastering services as well as custom mix coaching and training.

I only work with a handful of artists at a time so please fill out the application to see if we're a good fit for working together.

Apply for Mixing Services Through Audio Issues so that You Succeed With Your Records.

Gain the confidence you need to finish your mixes and proudly release your records.

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Hi, I'm Björgvin Benediktsson

I'm an author, musician and mixing engineer. I'm the audio educator behind Audio Issues and I'm here to help you turn your amateur demos into professionally produced mixes you can be proud to release.

I've helped thousands of musicians like yourself make a bigger impact with their music by teaching them the skills they need to confidently release their songs and succeed in their niche.  

Since 2006 I've written over 1,000 articles and tutorials on audio production, both on Audio Issues and for other audio publications such as MusicTech magazine, SAE Institute, Audiotuts+, The Pro Audio Files, and Recording Revolution to name a few. I am the best-selling author of Step By Step Mixing: How to Create Great Mixes Using Only 5 Plug-ins.

Although I have multiple different products and courses to help you improve your mixes, you may want personal, in-depth training or done-for-you services to help you succeed.

If we're a good fit with each other, here's what you can look forward to:

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How Does Working With Me Actually Work?

Whether you're looking for done-for-you mixing and mastering or custom mix training and coaching, the process is usually the same.

Here's what you can expect from the mixing process when you work with me.​

Editing and Tuning Feedback

I expect your song to be ready for mixing which means that your tracks should be fully edited, and any vocals should be tuned.

I will listen to your tracks before mixing to make sure everything sounds as good as it can. If anything requires further editing I will consult and mentor you through the process.

Includes but is not limited to: removing unwanted noise, fixing any drum mistakes, aligning and tuning vocals and tweaking any instruments to sit better in the pocket of the performance.

Step 1 - Initial Mix

After I receive the raw multi-track recordings, I'll create an initial mix for your song for you to give feedback on.

This initial mix is for making sure we are on the same page when it comes to the sound you want. This mix is usually about 90% of the way there. Once the initial mix has been approved, I will spend the rest of the time mixing the rest of your song to get it to the final stage.

This can include, but is not limited to: EQ, Compression, Parallel Compression, Limiting, Normalization, Saturation, Automation, Delay, Reverb, Creating Busses and Sends, Balancing Levels, Making Your Stuff Sound Excellent, Etc. 

If you provide reference tracks of artists you like I will match your sound to that of your heroes. 

There should be no nasty surprises once you get the initial mix. From here, there are typically only small revisions to make.

Step 2 - Revisions

I'll create an initial mix for your song(s) for you to give feedback on through Filepass. This initial mix is for making sure we are on the same page when it comes to the sound you want.

The revision process typically goes like this:

  1. I send you the "Initial Mix," ready for revisions and feedback through the Filepass software.
  2. You spend some time gathering a lengthy list of minor revisions (turn up the lead at xx:xx. Turn down the vocals at xx:xx).
  3. I add the revision requests to our to-do list and complete them during my next available revision calendar slot. 
  4. Rinse and repeat if needed for a revision round 2 and 3 if applicable.

A final mix usually takes about 3 revisions until it's completely ready so don't hesitate to ask me to change something you want to be fixed. 

Step 3 - Final Mix and Master

I'll do any changes you need to get to the finished mix you love and add some minor mastering polish to get it loud and radio-ready. Once you're happy with the mix, I'll send you high-resolution WAV and mp3s of the file. Once your mix is finished I take the song and master it professionally so that it sounds as good as it can be, making sure that it's dynamic and loud, but not so loud that it gets turned down on streaming services. I'll add that final 10% finalization polish to your mixes with EQ, multi-band compression, limiting, and other mastering processors.

If we're working on multiple songs as opposed to a single we will take all of your songs and master them together into a final professional album you can be proud of. This includes frequency adjustment, volume compensation, and dynamic balance across songs.

Optional Custom Mix Tutorial and Coaching

With a custom mix tutorial, you'll get a professional mix of one of your songs and an in-depth video walkthrough of exactly what I did - and why - so you can learn the mixing techniques behind that song to mix the rest of your record yourself. 

That way you gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to get the same results on your own. Each call and video will be recorded so you can refer to it while you're working on future songs.

In addition, you'll get 1-on-1 coaching and feedback on your own mixes. We walk through your multi-tracks and I make sure you're aware of all the techniques you can use to improve your song.

We'll go through your entire mix process and analyze any blind spots you might have while mixing your songs. They'll be completely customized to your tracks with the goal of making you confident using any plug-ins you have at your disposal and working fast and efficiently.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on an audio school that would just end in more questions than answers, you'll be able to get your most burning questions about mixing answered in about an hour. 

Ready to Get Started?

If you're ready to rock and excited to get started, please click the beautiful blue button below to get in touch with me for a quote.

Important: I only work on songs that are intended to be released. So please make sure that you are 100% certain that you will be releasing a song that I work on because I would hate to waste time mixing a song that just goes back to a hard drive graveyard somewhere.

Glowing Testimonials from Clients

"Our listeners have been sending us messages about the tune, and are gushing on the song. So many folks are talking about how beautiful it sounds. I know that the work we did recording and arranging played a large part, but your mixing/mastering job was the icing on the cake. Thanks again for selecting the tune. That was the first song I ever recorded myself, and along with that came a whole bunch of doubt. I just didn’t know if I was capable of recording quality enough tracks on my own. Hearing your mix come back sounding professional and legit gave me the confidence to continue investing in this journey.  This has been a dream of mine for several years, and your role has encouraged me in a deeply meaningful way."

-Eric L'Esperance, The Promise is Hope, Massachusetts, USA

"Nice job! It sounds so much better than my effort, I'm really pleased! What a difference!! It feels like you understood what I was going for. Nice to work with you and I will let you know when it will be released. I will get in touch with you when the next songs are ready."

-Ola Sunning, Sunning, Sweden

"Let me start by saying that the song is already sounding gorgeous. What you did with the guitars sounds absolutely gorgeous: I really love the sound of that--almost a miracle, considering my rushed recording and untidy playing. That's perfect Bjorgvin--many thanks for your lovely work. I will release it this weekend and let you know immediately."

-Reynaldo Young, London, U.K.

"I can't thank you enough. You are an amazing engineer. Your leveraging of tech is pretty wild and hugely instructive."

-Gary Tobin, Cascadia Groove, USA

"This sounds awesome! Hard to believe my little basement recording could end up sounding this good. You have those drums rockin'! You did a kick-ass job on that. I recorded those vocals on a $100 Audio Technica condenser, and a bunch of amp sims, and to think it sounds as good as it does! It's encouraging to know how much can be accomplished with a (very) limited budget." 

-Bob Gardner, Ohio

"That sounds incredible!! I will definitely release it! I was showing the mix to my brother and he was amazed by how clear everything sounded! I think you did as good if not better than I was hoping! Thanks so much for everything!" 

-Cameron Neal, Iowa

"Wow! It’s done and dusted! What can I say, it's an absolutely fantastic mix/master. It's a dream come true to get this song sounding so good. It's perfect! It has a great balance and you can hear everything. I think you have done a fantastic job. I can hear that you have implemented all the aspects that you talk about and teach thru Audio Issues. It sounds amazing and really consistent on a number of different speakers. The mix is a nice celebration of the guitars and the song and vocals come to the fore which is the main objective and it is a joy to hear with your mix."

-Chris McConville, U.K.

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Here's What Former Students Have Said:

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Patrick Mercier

" are going to be just what I need...what I’m most in search of is validation... got a lot more fear-negating / confidence boosting about mixing in general out of our first call. I can’t express enough appreciation to you for doing what you do. What I got out of the first call was way better than having that focused of a conversation about a single track. I got a lot more fear-negating / confidence boosting about mixing in general out of our first call. Listening to the way you talk about mixing is helping me to understand that it’s silly to think that there’s one way of doing things. I have to be proactive in understanding how I want my music to sound and then I can do any number of things to make that happen. "

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Jevan Cole

"Thank you very much for your extremely informative mix tutorial. I’ve only been mixing for a couple of years now and have been learning on the fly through books, online videos and a few courses sourced through the web (quite a few of yours by the way!). My main goal is not really to become an engineer and mix for other musicians but to produce and release my own music. Feedback and collaboration are integral parts of any creative process so by deliberately isolating oneself as a “solo” musician can be quite a hard path as self-doubt, second-guessing and sometimes just pure, dead set confusion can set in. Another big takeaway for me was that mixing truly is a subjective artform along with the actual composition, arrangement and performance stages and that a clear goal before you start is if not a must, then extremely helpful.”

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Andy Blubaugh 

"Before I had 1-on-1 coaching, I felt like I had a solid understanding of the mechanics of the tools of mixing, but lacked the foresight to see how I would use to serve the music before I started a mix. Now, when I start a mix I can see the big picture and I know exactly what I'll do on step 5 of 10 before I even get there.

The one big problem that 1-on-1 coaching helped me solve was to develop a strategy for creating a mixing workflow tailored to the way I write and produce music. Every artist has their own way of doing things that works best for them. Björgvin was able to provide guidance that helped me improve my way of making music instead of reshaping me into some predefined mold.

I really liked that Björgvin took the time to figure out how I like to write and produce music, and offer advice in a way that helped me build on my unique way of doing things!

I was surprised that this turned out to be much more than just technical advice for mixing. Björgvin noticed that I didn't have a good strategy to market myself nor a plan to achieve my goals for getting my music out for others to hear. During our last session, he gave me some great entrepreneurial advice to help me set and reach my goals! Having music you want to share doesn't mean much if you don't have a plan to get it out there.

Everyone comes into audio production with a different skill set, a background of knowledge, and aptitude. You will benefit from 1-on-1 coaching regardless of your level of experience because each person has different holes in their knowledge that require custom attention to address."

Proudly Release Professional Records

If you're looking for a mixing engineer or mixing mentor that can help you take your productions and skills to the next level, get in touch and let me know how I can help.

"[Mix Coaching] was mind-blowing for me.  I've been looking for a mix mentor for a long time." -John Owings 

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