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Get a deep dive into mixing powerful and punchy drums and producing professional vocals when you add the Expert Home Vocals and Drum Mix Toolkit Production Bundle.

Drum Mix Toolkit ($49 Value): 

In-Depth Reference eBook, drum mixing video package and two drum mix walkthroughs that show you how to mix drums from start to finish, in whatever genre you're working with, whether you're using acoustic drums, virtual drums or loops.

Expert Home Vocals ($97 Value): 

Detailed workbook and vide course with my step-by-step workflow on producing, recording, editing, and mixing professional vocals from your home studio, with easy to use techniques and detailed supporting images, even if you don’t have expert-level equipment.

Free Bonuses ($166 Value)

  • 25 Drum Mix Resource Sheet
  • Practice Drum Tracks
  • Percussion Toolkit
  • Top 10 Vocal Effects Masterclass
  • Vocal Microphone Buyer’s Guide

Sold separately, this production bundle costs $312, but if you add it to your purchase you'll only have to pay $97 (that's 69% off!)

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EQ Strategies + Audio Issues Insiders Webinar Offer

Here's What You Get:

  • EQ Strategies - Your Ultimate Guide To EQ: In-Depth 100-Page Reference Book Via PDF ($50 Value)
  • Free Mastering EQ Bonus and Compression Masterclass Bonus ($58 Value)
  • 6-Part HD Video Course Including:
  • Frequency Breakdown and Vocabulary Videos 
  • EQ'ing Fundamentals Videos
  • One hour mix walkthrough on how to make better mixes with ONLY EQ
  • EQ'ing Strings Video
  • EQ'ing Brass Video

The Audio Issues Insiders Includes:

Music Production Courses ($787 Value)

Get access to music production courses that help you produce, record, arrange, and finish your songs. 

  • Home Recording Hacks ($49 Value)
  • The Bedroom Producer Program ($97 Value)
  • Music Production Strategies ($97 Value)
  • Mix Finisher Fundamentals, Mix Walkthroughs and Practice Multi-tracks ($497 Value)
  • Mastering Crash Course ($47 Value)

Music Marketing and Business Masterclasses ($800 Value)

Our masterclasses are for home studio musicians, bedroom producers and project studio engineers looking to earn an income with their music skills:

  • Musicpreneurship 101
  • 70 Ideas to Monetize Your Music Career
  • 4-Week Record Release Challenge
  • The Customer and Client Roadmap for Musicians and Engineers
  • How to Promote Your Music With Content on Social Media
  • Email Marketing for Musicians and Engineers
  • How to Run Facebook and Instagram Ads to Grow Your Audience

Expert Interview Vault ($600 Value)

Get expert advice from seasoned veterans of the industry on topics ranging from songwriting and creativity to production, recording and mastering.

Feedback Friday and Community (Priceless)

Feedback Friday has grown into one of the most popular parts of the Insiders community.

Join us for regular Feedback Friday mix feedback calls where you can bring your music and mixes into the group and get constructive feedback to help you improve your music.

You'll also get access to our private community where you can ask questions, interact with other members and post your music for others to hear.

No Need to Feel Overwhelmed

With this much content inside the Insiders community, it's not surprising that you may feel overwhelmed. However, there's no need to worry because you'll get custom guidance as soon as you join.

The first thing you do when you become an Insider is to book an optional Action call with me.

In these 20 minute calls you'll tell me exactly what you're struggling with and what you're looking to learn and I'll give you a personal path to follow through the Insiders community so that you can get results fast.

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