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Get a deep dive into mixing powerful and punchy drums and producing professional vocals when you add the Expert Home Vocals and Drum Mix Toolkit Production Bundle.

Drum Mix Toolkit ($49 Value): 

In-Depth Reference eBook, drum mixing video package and two drum mix walkthroughs that show you how to mix drums from start to finish, in whatever genre you're working with, whether you're using acoustic drums, virtual drums or loops.

Expert Home Vocals ($97 Value): 

Detailed workbook and vide course with my step-by-step workflow on producing, recording, editing, and mixing professional vocals from your home studio, with easy to use techniques and detailed supporting images, even if you don’t have expert-level equipment.

Free Bonuses ($166 Value)

  • 25 Drum Mix Resource Sheet
  • Practice Drum Tracks
  • Percussion Toolkit
  • Top 10 Vocal Effects Masterclass
  • Vocal Microphone Buyer’s Guide

Sold separately, this production bundle costs $312, but if you add it to your purchase you'll only have to pay $97 (that's 69% off!)

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Mixing With 5 Plug-ins + EQ Strategies - Your Ultimate Guide to EQ

In only a few hours you'll learn how to create amazing mixes you can be proud to release, using only the five plug-ins you already have inside your audio software.

What you'll get:

Mixing With 5 Plug-ins Video Course:

  • Module 1 - Mixing With No Plug-ins - Volume and Panning
  • Module 2 - Mixing With EQ
  • Module 3 - Mixing With Compression
  • Module 4 - Mixing With Reverb and Delay
  • Module 5 - Mixing With Saturation
  • Module 6 - Making Your Mixes Translate
  • Free Bonus: Parallel Processing Masterclass
  • Free Bonus: Advanced Mix Walkthrough

EQ Strategies - Your Ultimate Guide to EQ

  • EQ Strategies - Your Ultimate Guide To EQ: In-Depth 100-Page Reference Book Via PDF ($50 Value)
  • Free Mastering EQ Bonus and Compression Masterclass Bonus ($58 Value)
  • 6-Part HD Video Course Including:
  • Frequency Breakdown and Vocabulary Videos 
  • EQ'ing Fundamentals Videos
  • One hour mix walkthrough on how to make better mixes with ONLY EQ
  • EQ'ing Strings and Brass Video

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What People Are Saying:

““I decided to watch the video step by step which is some kind of copying what has already been done but so I could follow each of the decisions in detail track by track - pausing the video, experimenting with sweeping etc. and do some tweaking here and there. I would strongly recommend this approach because I had some really strongs moments when I heard the first time what the problem at certain instruments and a special frequency really was. It's like a completely different hearing of a track. It's like you're not listening to the instrument anymore - you're listening for ringing and annoying disturbing noises that are in the background of an instrument - hard to explain but you will get there I'm sure... So thanks Björgvin for this experience.””

Thomas Dash, Mixing Engineer