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Get a deep dive into mixing powerful and punchy drums and producing professional vocals when you add the Expert Home Vocals and Drum Mix Toolkit Production Bundle.

Drum Mix Toolkit ($49 Value): 

In-Depth Reference eBook, drum mixing video package and two drum mix walkthroughs that show you how to mix drums from start to finish, in whatever genre you're working with, whether you're using acoustic drums, virtual drums or loops.

Expert Home Vocals ($97 Value): 

Detailed workbook and vide course with my step-by-step workflow on producing, recording, editing, and mixing professional vocals from your home studio, with easy to use techniques and detailed supporting images, even if you don’t have expert-level equipment.

Free Bonuses ($166 Value)

  • 25 Drum Mix Resource Sheet
  • Practice Drum Tracks
  • Percussion Toolkit
  • Top 10 Vocal Effects Masterclass
  • Vocal Microphone Buyer’s Guide

Sold separately, this production bundle costs $312, but if you add it to your purchase you'll only have to pay $47 (that's 69% off!)

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Mix Finisher Formula

The Only Mixing System You Need to Produce Release-Ready Records

Mix Finisher Formula ($597 Value)

  • Module #1: Pre-Mixing Mindset - Make your songs so good they'll be a breeze to mix.

  • Module #2: Mix Template Formula - Shave hours off your mixing time and get better mixes in less time.

  • Module #3: Mix Philosophy Formula - Discover the right style of mixing that works for you.

  • Module #4: 5 Plug-in Framework - Use the proven 5-plugin process for release-ready mixes.

  • Module #5: Mix Translation Formula - Make your mixes sound great on every speaker system.

Bonus #1: Studio Monitoring Masterclass - How to REALLY Hear What Your Monitors are Saying ($120 Value)  

Bonus #2: Time Finder Masterclass - How to Find Time to Mix When You're Too Busy($120 Value)  

Bonus #3: Home Recording Hacks - A Crash Course in Getting Great Tracks at the Source ($47 Value)

Bonus #4: Quick Editing and Comping Masterclass ($97 Value)


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What People Are Saying:

As a recent student of yours, I also wanted to thank you for the content. You have a knack at getting information across which has allowed me to break down barriers. Seeing some of your 'unconventional' EQ curves has provided me the confidence to start trusting my ears - not the visualizer. I'm now very comfortable employing the strategy that there is no actual convention. Your approach to space and depth has also really helped me understand how to approach this area of the mix...This philosophy has been the most freeing of them all. I have subscribed to other online courses, and watched many, many hours of YouTube content; but nothing has unwrapped the key to the puzzle in the same way you've been able to...my mixes have improved beyond all doubt. Most importantly, my 'bigger picture' perspective towards the process has shifted towards 'feeling' the whole song instead of getting caught up on the micro-details. I always knew this is what was required, but I simply didn't have a clear direction on how to achieve it. You have provided that in abundance. Consider me a very happy customer.

Mark Rousell, Engineer