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Start Quick Mixing, Mastering and Editing With Stock Plug-ins

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Quick Mixing With Stock Plug-ins: Learn to transform a rough recording into a finished mix in only two hours, using only stock plug-ins. ($49 value)

Quick Mastering: Take the mix we did in Quick Mixing and we add some mastering processors to the master bus to get it radio-ready and competitive while staying dynamic. ($49 value)

Quick Editing: Learn to make your tracks ready for mixing with simple and easy to use editing and comping techniques that make your recordings tighter and easier to mix. ($49 value)

Mix Template Video - Learn to create a mixing template that takes all the guesswork out of mixing ($29 value)

Plus: Quick Mixing Checklist ($14 value) you can follow when you're stuck and don't know how to make your mixes better.

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