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EQ Strategies + Mixing With 5 Plug-ins + Expert Home Vocals and Drum Mix Toolkit

In only a few hours you'll learn how to create amazing mixes you can be proud to release.

Here's what you'll get:

EQ Strategies - Your Ultimate Guide to EQ

  • EQ Strategies - Your Ultimate Guide To EQ: In-Depth 100-Page Reference Book Via PDF ($50 Value)
  • Free Mastering EQ Bonus and Compression Masterclass Bonus ($58 Value)
  • 6-Part HD Video Course Including:
  • Frequency Breakdown and Vocabulary Videos 
  • EQ'ing Fundamentals Videos
  • One hour mix walkthrough on how to make better mixes with ONLY EQ
  • EQ'ing Strings and Brass Video

Mixing With 5 Plug-ins Video Course:

  • Module 1 - Mixing With No Plug-ins - Volume and Panning
  • Module 2 - Mixing With EQ
  • Module 3 - Mixing With Compression
  • Module 4 - Mixing With Reverb and Delay
  • Module 5 - Mixing With Saturation
  • Module 6 - Making Your Mixes Translate
  • Free Bonus: Parallel Processing Masterclass
  • Free Bonus: Advanced Mix Walkthrough

Drum Mix Toolkit and Expert Home Vocals Production Bundle

  • Drum Mix Toolkit is your one-stop-shop to getting professional sounding drums from your home recordings.
  • Expert Home Vocals is the Complete Guide Musicians and Engineers Need to Create Powerful and Professionally Produced Vocals From Their Home Studios, Using the Equipment They Already Have.

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What People Are Saying:

““I decided to watch the video step by step which is some kind of copying what has already been done but so I could follow each of the decisions in detail track by track - pausing the video, experimenting with sweeping etc. and do some tweaking here and there. I would strongly recommend this approach because I had some really strongs moments when I heard the first time what the problem at certain instruments and a special frequency really was. It's like a completely different hearing of a track. It's like you're not listening to the instrument anymore - you're listening for ringing and annoying disturbing noises that are in the background of an instrument - hard to explain but you will get there I'm sure... So thanks Björgvin for this experience.””

Thomas Dash, Mixing Engineer