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You're exhausted with your trial and error mix process that keeps you second-guessing yourself about whether your music sounds any good. 

If you're tired of individual tricks and wished you had a clear set of instructions on how to make your mixes sound like the professional records you love so much...If you just want a clear A - Z process on making awesome mixes, then Step By Step Mixing is your clear and concise reference guide for better sounding music from your home studio.

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"This is the NO BS guide to taking your mixes to the next level! Björgvin has been teaching and writing about recording for a decade, and really understands that stuff that we all struggle with in the home studio. Step By Step Mixing takes you through the full process of making sure your mixes rock from rough to radio ready!"

Lij Shaw
Award-Winning Producer of the Nashville Based Toy Box Studio and Podcaster of Recording Studio Rockstars

If you're fighting to make all your instruments fit together in a busy mix, can't figure out the best compression settings for your tracks, or don't know how to use effects like reverb, delay and saturation without creating a washed out, cluttered mess of a mix, then don't worry, I completely get it.

Hi, I'm Björgvin Benediktsson and I run Audio Issues. I've written over 1,000 articles on music production since 2008 and taught thousands of home studio musicians how to produce, record and mix their music.

My mixing techniques have helped countless musicians gain the confidence and skills to make professional mixes they can be proud of. They've used their mixing skills to successfully release their own records as well as learned to use their new-found mixing skills to get paying jobs from their home studios.

Let me tell you, I had no clue what I was doing when I first started mixing.

I thought mixing was supposed to be fun and cool but I was just intimidated. All I was doing was randomly inserting plug-ins and processors on every track, shrugging my shoulders because I couldn't really figure out how anything worked.

No matter what I did I couldn't make it sound better. I mean, the songs changed, but I didn't really know where I was going with the mix. There was no balance to the instruments and the vocals sounded glued on and fake.

It just screamed "amateur."

The reason why was simple. I had no plan of action, and no concrete steps to make my mixes sound like I wanted.

Years later, after countless hours of recording and mixing, I know what I am doing.

Mixing became fun.

With simple EQ and compression tricks, I got punchy drums and full and balanced instruments. I started using reverb and delay to create space and depth for that professional feel. My vocals sounded better than ever as I started to recognize and eliminate problematic frequencies, adding some secret sauce with saturation and blending them into the mix so they wouldn't feel stuck on top.

Throughout my learning process I realized that the plug-ins I kept coming back to when I needed to make the mix sound open and dynamic were these five processors. 

  • 1. EQ
  • 2. Compression
  • 3. Reverb
  • 4. Delay
  • Saturation

Now that I've learned how to master these five plug-ins, I'm paying that forward by teaching you these mixing techniques you can use to improve your productions immediately. 

The #1 Best-Selling book Step By Step Mixing is my complete guide to the mixing process using only the five plug-ins you really need.

Björgvin Benediktsson

Step By Step Mixing: How to Create Great Mixes Using Only 5 Plug-ins

Get the Best-Selling Step By Step Mixing System and Instantly Start Making Better Mixes Today

Easy Mixing Workflow to Save Time

Learn to simplify your mixing process with organizational techniques that help you make your mixes sound better in less time that works with whatever genre you're producing.

Practical Production Tips You Can Use Right Away

Practical and easy-to-use EQ and compression techniques that help you make dynamic and punchy mixes that sound great on every speaker.

Instantly Improve Your Home Studio Mixes

Discover effective reverb, delay and saturation techniques that add space, depth and secret sauce to your music without cluttering up the mix and making you sound like an amateur.

What Are Students Saying?

"Literally every page and word was extremely helpful."

"I’m a singer, songwriter, producer and now after reading this I’d finally call myself a mix engineer as well.

Before reading this I felt like I had a pretty ok understanding of mixing and just needed to fill in the gaps, but after reading this I realized that I didn’t know much at all. I got so much out of this. 

This is truly a fantastic book for any new, aspiring or even seasoned mix engineers. I’ve always wanted to just sit next to some pro MEs to see how they did it and I finally feel like I had that chance."

-Tino Grigoriou

"I can safely recommend this book to anyone that mixes music, whether a novice or a seasoned pro."

"As an audio educator myself I am always on the lookout for new ways to teach this fascinating subject. I found Step by Step Mixing to be an enjoyable read, which focuses on the important parts.

As Bjorgvin mentions in the introduction, this might be the 20% of processors and plug-ins that actually do 80% or more of the work that needs to be done. I loved that he started with a chapter on mixing with no plug-ins. I always do that with my students, and it has proved to be a good method."

-Haukur "Hawk" Pálmason

"Great read at a fantastic price! Buy it now, your mixes will improve. "

"If you're new or, not so new and just need a refresher for mixing with your DAW, or perhaps you have questions about why your mix doesn't sound like the ones you listen too? This book is an absolute MUST READ. 

Stop guessing, or struggling with trial and error methods. Clear concise, step by step, solid advice from a professional whom is willing to share with you, his talents and experience.

You will find yourself reading this book more than once as it also becomes a quick reference for each of the topics and techniques that are covered.

Read it a few times and your mixes will get even better, really!"

-Dave Columbo

Plus: Better Mixes in Less Time

Get The Productivity Playbook for Mixing Engineers

Save hours on every song you mix with these easy productivity tips guaranteed to speed up your workflow.

  • How to think like a productive and efficient mixing engineer to save time and money
  • How to make time for mixing music when you have a busy schedule
  • The power of deliberate and deep practice, even if you only have 25 minutes to spare
  • Important productivity tools and methods to stay on task and finish faster
  • How to use a mixing template to speed up the mixing process and eliminate distractions from too many plug-ins
  • The exact mixing template I use, and the workflow I use to make faster mixing decisions because I don't have to search around my DAW any more
  • How to use the Pomodoro System to boost your productivity while you're mixing
  • How to prepare for a mixing session and knowing what to do when you start the mixing process
  • An easy mindset for knowing how to EQ, compress and use effects
  • My 9-step process for taking a mix from a rough recording to a finished song
  • A special, step-by-step plan on how to schedule your time so you're always creating new mixes (even if you don't have any songs)

If you're currently taking forever to finish each mix, then the workflow inside Better Mixes in Less Time will help you save hours of unnecessary mix work so you can crank out quality mixes in no time.

Free Bonuses if You Buy Today

  • Free Bonus #1: 5 Plug-in Mix Quickstart Masterclass Video ($49 Value) The 5 Plug-ins Mix Quickstart guide goes the thought process on how to use these five plug-ins to start making quality, professional mixes from your home studio. 
  • Free Bonus #2: Mix Translation Cheatsheet to make your mixes sound good on every speaker ($19 Value) - The Mix Translation cheatsheet is an infographic that follows the translation methods I show you inside Step By Step Mixing.
  • Free Bonus #3: Access to practice multi-tracks to improve your skills ($100 Value)

What More are Musicians Saying?

"extremely helpful and keeps you from getting lost "

"a very down to earth approach for mixing. The step by step approach is extremely helpful and keeps you from getting lost in the process. It is evident that Bjorgvin has a lot of experience, and is able to share it in a useful way."

-Lenny Bernstein

" able to turn a hobby into the beginning of a freelance career. "

"refreshingly helpful in demystifying a topic that I’ve been trying to figure out for years. I thought I would have to completely change my life to attend audio school. But with Bjorgvin’s help, I have been able to turn a hobby into the beginning of a freelance career. THANK YOU!"


"This was one of the best reads on the subject of mixing."

"This was one of the best reads on the subject of mixing. Straight to the point advice that you can actually use right now. I have read most of the other writings of the author and this brings it all together in one broad stroke."


"Step by by step Mixing is an easy to follow guide on mixing music."

"Whether you have some experience or none it with help you a lot. First it shows you how to listen to music and to pay attention to the small details.  The books explains a lot how to move the faders in a way that everything is balanced. Then it goes in depth into EQ, compressor, reverb, delay and saturation. It is the second book I've read on mixing and I highly recommend this book."

-Jose Rivera

Spot-on mixing guide that will give you great results in your mix."

"I use this for myself and with students in the Music Technology A Level and Music Practitioners RSL (like a L3 BTEC) courses I teach. I've found it to be VERY readable, accurate, easy to follow and apply and my students find it really useful. It is not overly long but is very practical and Bjorgvin clearly knows his stuff. Highly recommended for live and studio mixing of audio on both professional and academic levels."


"Within a few weeks, my approach to mixing changed from being overwhelmed to having fun"

"As a rookie home producer I finally found Audio Issues offering this fantastic guide that gave all the bits and pieces, that I gathered from the internet, a context and an easy-to-understand explanations. Björgvin encourages its readers with practical tips to try and experiment, rather than just reading. His material I recommend for beginner and experienced enthusiasts!"

-Arjan van Wijk

"I am a producer, arranger, singer, and performing artist, and own a Home Recording Studio. The Step by Step method has opened me up to a lot of possibilities, and has improved my mixing skills tremendously. The lessons were clear and concise. I've tried all of the principles suggested, and they did work for me, and now I'm recommending this book to everyone that I know in the business. Very impressed."

Home Studio Producer

"The realm of audio is a deep and wide pool of knowledge to both absorb and apply. What Bjorgvin brings to the table is the ability to organize the information contained within that pool into a series of actionable steps and procedures to obtain results as your needs require. If you have the time and inclination you can dive deeper into any of the topics he covers in the book but trust me, it's a bottomless pit. If you want good results to gain experience and build confidence you can't go wrong with his instruction."

Michael Dickinson
Home Studio Musician

100% Risk-Free 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

As with all of the Audio Issues products, Step By Step Mixing comes with a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee.

I promise that following the workflow inside my eBooks will help you create more professional mixes from your home studio. After reading them you'll know exactly what to do to transform your amateur demos into powerful and professional mixes.

There is a reason my students have told me that my training has "instantly improved their mixes." Your fans will love the new professional sounds you're releasing, and you'll impress every new client that comes to your studio because you'll easily show them how good you can make them sound.

You can even read the book before you make up your mind. You can try all the tricks and keep the training for a full year before deciding whether you like them or not. If at any point you decide that my eBook didn't skyrocket the quality of your productions, simply email me for a full refund, no questions asked nor strings attached!

"I take my guarantee very seriously. I am not interested in keeping your money if you don’t learn anything from what I’m creating for you.

So if you’re not happy, I’m not happy. Simple as that."

Turn Your Hobby Into a Career

If you think your mixes are just all right, but not quite there yet...and you want to improve your skills to feel confident in making the jump to release professional sounding music, then Step By Step Mixing will get you there.

If you don't want to spend years demystifying the mixing process...or don't want to completely uproot and change your life to attend audio school to learn mixing, Step By Step Mixing will help you turn your hobby into the beginning of a freelance career.

Just like Greg, who purchased Step By Step Mixing a couple of years ago and then started getting booked to mix tons of musicians' tracks.

Here's what he had to say:

“Hey brother! I have your Step By Step Mixing book. I purchased it about 1.5 years ago and today I’m getting booked to mix tons of people’s tracks now! So thankful to find your stuff man!!!

I'm a producer but was always having trouble getting my tracks to sound right so I would always hire someone to mix it for me and it turned out ok but never the way I wanted it to since I had a vision and I could never get it out of my head since I didn't know the tools! Anyways man! You've made a world of difference in my income bro! So thankful!"

If you need to transform your understanding of mixing to a whole 'nother level, without wasting years with trial and error mixing methods, Step By Step Mixing is the place to start. Make sure you grab your copy today.

Buy Step By Step Mixing and Better Mixes in Less Time

Get Step By Step Mixing today and instantly start making better mixes.

Improve your mixing skills in your home studio without buying any more unnecessary plug-ins or expensive gear.

Step by Step Mixing Paperback


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Step By Step Mixing: How to Create Great Mixes Using Only 5 Plug-ins Paperback Only.

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Step By Step Mixing and Better Mixes in Less Time


Two Invaluable eBooks

Step By Step Mixing: How to Create Great Mixes Using Only 5 Plug-ins (PDF/Kindle Version)

Better Mixes in Less Time: The Productivity Playbook for Mixing Engineers (PDF/Kindle Version)

Free Bonus #1: 5 Plug-in Mix Quickstart Masterclass Video ($49 Value)

Free Bonus #2: Mix Translation Cheatsheet to make your mixes sound good on every speaker ($19 Value

Free Bonus #3: Access to practice multi-tracks to improve your skills

Buy Step By Step Mixing and Better Mixes in Less Time

Book Bundle and Video Course


$176 Value

Step By Step Mixing and Better Mixes in Less Time Book Bundle with included bonuses ($19)

Mixing With 5 Plug-ins Video Course: All 6 Course Modules on mixing with Volume & Panning, EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay, Saturation and Mix Translation. All modules are delivered via video with in-depth written content as well.

Free Bonus: Parallel Processing Masterclass PDF and Video Series ($29 Value)

Free Bonus: Advanced Mixing Techniques from the "Crazy for Me" Mix Walkthrough Video ($29 Value)

Learn the 5 Plug-ins Mixing Method for Pro Records

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